A blog in motion stays in motion.

I miss having a place to put my photos, I don't miss the pressure bomb of writing a story to match. Of course it's the writing bit that gives me the most satisfaction. My friend Logan says you know you're a writer when you love it but hate it even more. (Or maybe I said that? We said it together.) It other words- not today, kiddos. LOOK AT THESE ROSES! They are all from Elmwood in June.
June is a bit of a floral cliche at this point. Peonies are your favorite flower? You want them in your bouquet in October? Yes yes yes yes yes.... Peonies ahhhh, I get it, they are beautiful.

But when facing down June, soft fluffy sweet ruffly June, that professional iciness melts into soft pink ruffly bliss for a bit. An obvious choice, but obvious choices are obvious when it comes to June. We are long past those days now and I'm missing them. (Obviously.)

Flashback! Peony times.

Thank you for the excitement for our upcoming class in Washington, we sold all of the 15 spaces in two days! Can I just travel and teach all of next year? A floral roadtrip of sorts in a truck like this. Accepting corporate sponsorships.

I haven't been home much in the past month, just a few days here and there.  Traveling hasn't always come naturally to me, us cancers have to fight the urge to stay put. But that doesn't mean I don't love it. A good trip always makes coming back to New York a tricky maneuver. I find it's always nicer to leave than to come home to the city.
But! Michael and I swam darn near daily in New Hampshire, I gave a lecture (I give those now!) in Kansas City and we drank beers in Austin, Texas. I really love seeing how other people live and work. I was especially excited about Kansas City, I gave a presentation to the creative staff at Hallmark about my process and ideas on creativity.  It was a real honor to talk to such a big group and I left feeling more inspired and excited than ever. I'm becoming more interested in tracking my flow of creativity and using my experiences to inspire others in turn. That's more important than wedding flowers any day of the week. But, ahem. I still do wedding flowers, too.