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This flowering paperbush is one of the earliest spring bloomers on the east coast, fitting to show now since I am in a bit of confusion in terms of time and space. Work came in backbreaking spurts this spring, and the traditionally crazy month is June is delightfully relaxed. I use the world relaxed very loosely. I guess I mean I'm eating decent meals and sleeping 8 hours a day! The novelty. I always thought the work/personal life balance was an ephemeral mist that evaporated the closer you got to it, but we are snatching handfuls this month.
In addition to a smattering of beautiful weddings and tending to some truly wonderful clients, I'm prepping a series of summer classes that will be posted online soon. Brooklyn, New Hampshire and Washington State- here's looking at you. I've finally started a newsletter that you can subscribe to here, I will send out an email when the classes are listed. Hoping to share some floral inspiration from both inside the studio and out in the coming months. Happy soon-to-be summer!