Truck troubles

The past few weeks have piled up a few small sadnesses. A month of sickness in the house, back and forth between Michael and I, and the senseless smashing of my beloved truck. It was totaled in the middle of the night by a teenage boy who, after wrecking both of our cars, just ran away on foot. We woke up the next morning to find nothing but scatted broken vases and flower buckets at the spot where the truck had been towed in the early hours of St. Patricks Day.
Trucks are replaceable. Humans are not. I've been through worse, so much worse, and yet I'm still heartbroken. Sadness, anger, guilt, sadness, anger, guilt! We are so very fortunate, if you have to be hit by a drunk driver, it's best not to be inside the car. The other driver's insurance situation is a diaster though, so everything is in painful limbo. But birds are chipping here and spring seems to finally be breaking through. Cars don't matter, breathe, cars don't matter, breathe, cars don't matter. Maybe now is the time to revive my hunter green jaguar e-type dreams?

Quick pics


A surprising amount of flowers have come through the studio considering it's winter. Too bad I've momentarily lost interest in photographing arrangements, the same super blurry depth of field shot, blahhhh. It's nice to let pretty things pass undocumented sometimes, good for the creative cycle. 

People frequently ask what camera I use, I have an old canon 5D, a little 35mm point and shoot and my currant favorite, my iphone. This is a camera shot- the reflection of Broome Street in the back window of my truck after a finishing a job at the St. Regis. I've found that shooting phone photos is my new favorite creative game- the limitations of the camera make it much more casual and fun. Inspiration is hard to come by, and as long as I don't shatter my phone on sidewalk again, I'll catch a bit spontaneity whenever I can.