We are so far behind. No post about the studio. No post about my first big flower story in a magazine. No post about falling head over heels in love with a pickup truck that has no cup holder, dome light, radio, AC, fully functioning headlights or passenger side seatbelts. We will skip all that for now (just know it's been real) and together we'll look only to the future.
To get you up to speed, here's a little recap via instagram. It's been a low stress way of sharing and really nice when I couldn't muster the inspiration for a proper storytime post. I know I'll be back with more words and photos soon, but go here to see some extra credit and follow along if smartphones are your thing. My username is @emersonmerrick. 

DISCLAIMER- The photos and thoughts expressed on instagram are not necessarily representative of life as a whole. Certain unattractive life pursuits are omitted. Proceed with caution and a grain of internet salt. 

July at home

If you can't tell by my older and wiser but still young and relatable communication skills, I've had a birthday since we last spoke in earnest. While we're being real, I've missed you. And I've missed my ability to write stories for you. It was poor form of me to ignore you for so long, than bam! I'm teaching a class that your should sign-up for without a hint of a whisper of a hello in between. 

But sign up you did. I was blown away that a class in rural New Hampshire could have sold out in a day, and speechless and touched by your excitement. Although I'm not sure it could possibly match my own. The class will truly be the highlight of my summer and sometimes I wish I wasn't the teacher because I want to take it so badly. We are all students, no?
Untitled These flowers came home to Brooklyn from Elmwood's garden last month. There was a single week with peonies, foxglove, columbine, Japanese dogwood, old fashioned roses and poppies. I thought my heart would explode. It did, a few days later, in the manner of a past prime rose with beetles and chewed leaves and petals falling every which way. 

My summer city days are just a stopover in between Elmwood visits. I'm surviving brutal Brooklyn with the help of a old black pick-up truck, $2 fruit popsicles, Frankie Zmetra and a precariously perched AC unit at the studio. I'm consuming heavy doses of internet and fish tacos, because both are in short supply up north. I'm shaking and serving over ice. Repeated as necessary.

Flower Arranging Class: Wildflowers at Elmwood


W i l d f l o w e r s   a t   E l m w o o d
Sunday July 29th, 2012
Hancock, New Hampshire
10am to 2pm 
$225 including materials and a light lunch
Class is sold out

I've been dreaming of hosting a workshop at Elmwood for years, so I'm thrilled to announce that July 29th, we're opening our doors for an intimate class at the house. The workshop will focus on composing flowers in a loose, natural style and students will practice by creating a hand-tied bouquet and a mason jar arrangement. All flowers, foliage and branches will be exclusively sourced from the region and will feature seasonal favorites that star in the mid-summer garden. The class is limited to 7 students, so please email me at amy (at) amymerrick (dot) com to inquire about availability and reserve a spot.