Thank you

First off, thank you so much to everyone for their resounding support of my valentines flower sale. I sold out of flowers every darn day and was left with nothing more than a few stragglers of ridiculously fragrant mamy blue garden roses that never opened and weren't fit for voracious consumption. Desperate men were sent elsewhere at the 11th hour.

Valentines Day post-flower shop was a romantic affair. I went to a friend's house for her annual 30 person dinner party and passed out with exhaustion on the sofa a half an hour in. Micha and I went back to my house at midnight where I cleaned up the week's flower squalor and packed up a suitcase straight until 4am when a car arrived to ferry us to the airport. Middle seated and Mexico bound, I was asleep before take-off and ended up face down on the tray table not long after. You guys wore me out, and thank you for that.

I'm back from Mexico now, with so many things to tell you about. (Those of you who followed along on twitter got a sneak peek thanks to the magic of instagram.) More bougainvillaea to come.


Sometimes I dream about writing a cheesy romcom screenplay in the vein of You've Got Mail. The protagonist is a florist who spends her days making bouquets for really romantic men to give to their girlfriends.  She lives alone. Has cats. Messy hair. Listens to Jane Austen books on tape. Wears questionable floral prints and dirty men's workshirts and often both at the same time. (You see where this is going?)

She hosts a weekend long Valentine's Day flower shop at Castor and Pollux, and secretly hopes that a boy, any boy, will preorder a bouquet JUST FOR HER. Instead, her ex boyfriend orders one for his current girlfriend. (Autobiographical.)

I haven't worked out the ending yet but hey! I'm sure it involves a guy with enough balls to buy her flowers and enough sense to realize she won't care what they look like.
Stop by and say hello at my little flower shop in Castor and Pollux this Sunday (today!) from 1pm-6pm and on Tuesday the 14th from 12pm-7pm. The store is located at 238 W. 10th St between Bleeker and Hudson in the West Village. You will know me by my messy hair and off kilter flower crown.


Do you love someone in New York? Do you live in New York and are loved by someone? Lucky you! This weekend I'm teaming up with my favorite boutique, Castor & Pollux, to host a Valentine's flower shop for all of your love-expressing needs. Kerrilynn's taste in unerring and I've been a fan of hers for years so it's a big honor to sell stems along side her.

Pre-ordered arrangements start at $100 and I will be making simple wrapped bouquets from $25 at the shop. A few local deliveries will be available, so please email me to reserve a spot. Saturday the 11th, from 12-7pm, Sunday the 12th from 12-6pm and on Tuesday the 14th from 12-7pm. All proceeds go to fund my new studio!

Email to place an order.

Flower fight

Sometimes, really, I don't want to talk about flowers here. Flowers all the time, a nice problem but a problem, too. There was a night this week that I couldn't fall asleep, wracked with anxiety over the color of wimpy imported clematis. Too blue of a purple! It just won't work with that blushing magnolia! I fretted for just long enough to feel like the biggest spoiled baby in the history of the first world. I ended up counting backwards from 100 to fall asleep, my favorite yoga meditation trick. You inhale on the number and exhale in between. (I just turned into my mom while writing that.) Flower coping mechanisms, they are real.

When I get busy, I swill Rescue Remedy. Technically some mumbojumbo homeopathic stress reliever, it's made up from 5 flower essences. This irony didn't dawn on me for several months- a vaguely cannibalistic, hair of the dog situation for florists. You must consume that which you fight. It's a nice fight though, and one I will always surrender to.