The last waltz

The last unequivocally hot day of the year was spent in a fry pan of a row-boat in Central Park. We sat down the week before, iCals at the ready, and planned it out in the same way grown-ups plan business meetings. Not spontaneous, not free-spirited, but calculated, contrived and hey, well, we made it happened. Nothing is easier for me to forgot to do than nothing.

I have Frank to thank for bringing the disposable camera and for getting me out of the house even when I have no business getting out the the house. I'm starved for compelling reasons to stop working for a moment, especially since work is now taking up every moment I have. This is a wonderful thing when you work for yourself, I know.

But I do worry I'll wake up in November, five beautiful weddings from now, without a memory of fall. Promise you'll do all you can to not let this happen, and I'll do all I can, too.

Book Party

Hi Kittens. This is not a post so much as a furious wave out the window of a speeding train. Until my motion sickness subsides, I'm going to keep the talking to a minimum.
The one thing that is keeping me going is that tomorrow night is the design*sponge party, something I've been excited for since my (albeit dusty) house was shot for it in 2009. Last fall Grace asked me to contribute a primer on basic flower arranging for the book, so that is included along with some of my diy projects. I'm am still pinching myself for being a part of it. 

Details for the party are here, I'd love if you stopped by and said hello to me and the other editors. I'm going to be wearing a party dress and some shoes with heels so I will be virtually unrecognizable for those of you who know me, even if my friends at Beacon's gave me proper attire. You will be able to find me by looking for the tall girl with the social skills of a feral child. See you at 6, friends.