Orange you glad

I'm only saying this cause we're friends, but I've been avoiding you. Straight up seeing you coming and crossing the street. Truth is, two weeks ago my cat died and I didn't want to talk about it. Still don't. But it felt awful to talk about anything else, so I pulled out my proverbial cellphone to make a pretend phone call whenever I saw you coming round the corner.

Let's instead think back to July, back to when summer was never gonna end. I bought these two buckets of flowers at the flower market in New York and brought them up to New Hampshire, my one big birthday present to myself. I went flower crazy and as I made this bouquet, Frankie held the camera reins.

Orange doesn't come easily for me. It's work. I mean, I love a peach or an apricot, a rust or a pumpkin pie- but straight orange has always proven the red headed stepchild of the spectrum. Not until the New England daylilies bloomed this year did I even start to warm to it. But now we're making peace, one lily and rose and calla at a time.


  1. ...That's okay, we understand. Just know that our hearts go out to you and we are here for you, 'kay?

    ‘Grieve not,
    nor speak of me with tears
    but laugh and talk of me
    as if I was beside you….
    I loved you so –
    ’twas heaven here with you.’
    – I. P. Richardson

    ...Amidst the sadness there is joy and it is in those flowers. I love the red with the different hues of orange and the splash of white, what beauty! :o)


  2. Sorry, stay positive. Those photos are gorgeous.
    Best, -n

  3. I'm so truly sorry for your loss. When my cat died I was truly devastated, and I missed his little face with an ache. Don't talk about it, if you don't want to, but know that even strangers from across the world are thinking of you.

  4. i'm sorry about your cat.

    i just can't get with the orange. every year i try. i've got crocosmia in the garden right now but i can't get on board with it. i'd dig it all out of the roots weren't such a tough ticket. like a big old rock those things...

    that bouquet could turn me though.

  5. I am so sorry. I nearly lost mine two weeks ago. I've lost others, it is always so difficult.

    The flowers are lovely.


  6. Aw, I'm sorry to hear about your kitty! I know that is so hard :(

    These flowers are beautiful, I love the rich red with the orange. We got married in October and our flowers were along these same hues. Love a good intense orange, especially with the sprigs of pretty white and deep reds~

  7. I'm so sorry for your loss, I recently lost one of my cats too and it is really hard. Chin up petal!

    On a lighter note... you did Orange proud! :)

    Niki @ LQM&M

  8. I'm sorry to hear about your cat, I know how you feel. *hug*

    Those are lovely flowers... I actually have a bouquet at home filled with flowers, and every time I buy another bouquet, I think of your blog, because it's what got me wanting to have flowers in my home in the first place.

  9. When I lost my cat I was devastated. It was so strange, I started seeing cats everywhere. I took mass transit and looking out the window I would see cats. Cats in windows, people holding cats, cats in doorways, in unexpected places . It was the strangest thing. I sometimes think cats have special powers, that the cat kingdom knew of my loss and was trying to comfort me. Or, perhaps my cat was sending other cats to me to comfort me, to let me know she was okay.

    I have to say you are a magician with flowers. I always look forward to your posts. You have a wonderful, beautiful talent.

    Patty in Maryland

  10. im so sorry to hear about your loss :( it's hard to know exactly what to say when someone loses someone they love (pets included!), but i just hope each day is getting better for you.

    these flowers are gorgeous, per usual. you are a talented lady!

  11. Well, it's nice to have you back :)

    Orange is a great colour...but I have no idea what to do with it! I don't own any orange clothes, nothing in my home is orange, I hardly even eat oranges because I can't be bothered with them (hm, actually, I eat a lot of butternut squash, so there's my orange, I guess) but when I think of it as a colour, I love it! So jolly and juicy! Dear orange, I'm sorry, we should hang out more, love from Eleni.

  12. I'm sorry about your cat. :( Consider the subject verboten and my attention focused solely on the flowers, which are lovely.

  13. so sorry.... Your flower arrangements are beautiful.

  14. I'm so sorry about your furball. :-( How sad for you. Take the time to grieve. They (whoever they are) say it takes a month for every year you've known your loved one to recover. However, I think that's just a baseline for maybe not missing them everyday. There are days I still miss my furballs, days I still think of them and its been over 17 years now.

  15. aww no! Im so sorry. I would have done the same I think. And these pictures are so lovely! I really like orange right now :0 Funny you should post these.. Soooooo pretty!

  16. Oh, I'm so sorry about your cat, Amy. I hope your lovely arrangements cheer you up.

  17. So sorry to hear about your cat; I have been there, and it can be so hard. Just wanted to add that I am so glad that I recently stumbled upon you on the interwebs. Flowers always put a smile on my face, and it's such a treat seeing your lovely arrangements.

  18. drowning your sorrows in lots of flowers does help a little...sorry you're going through this. It's alright to ignore everyone for awhile. :)
    As always, your arrangements are gorgeous. I'm not into orange either but I'll take your bouquets anyday ~
    take care.

  19. I'm so sorry you lost a friend.

    The corals and oranges are some of my favorite flower colors.

  20. I have felt the same way about orange, but you're very persuasive as you share with us your slow but gentle conversion. Your way with flowers and words is really very much appreciated.

  21. Sorry to hear about the loss of your friend.
    Feel better soon!

  22. I've followed your blog for (maybe?) a year now

    You feel like a friend

    Two pets in my ground, so i'll tear to iron & wine's "upward over the mountain" whenever

    Flowers! another mutual friend

  23. Amy, I am sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved kitty. I understand not wanting to talk about it, but I did want to express my sorrow for your loss.

    I appreciate your skill with creating flower arrangements. You are very talented and I love the beauty you created with this orange arrangement. I have several flowers growing in my yard, but only two are orange, the canna lilies and the marigolds. They bring me much joy, as do all my flowers and plants. May you find peace and joy again soon.

  24. Amy - so sorry for your loss. I'm sure your heart is heavy but strange how your photos always lift mine!

  25. The flowers and the photos are gorgeous! I'm so sorry about your cat. Sending comforting thoughts from our 5 cats and 66 other farm critters. That's a lot of animal love headed your way! :)

  26. Lovely pictures, lovely bouquet..this is a wonderful blog and I´m glad I found my way to your place. so so sorry about your beloved firend, your cat. it´s always sad. I used to say to my husband that I don´t believe in death. I believe in space in betweens and a wonderful kind of afterlife, where we can meet with all our loved ones again and forever, just so...

    hugs Lycke

  27. Dear Amy, I am so sorry for the loss of your beloved furry child. I understand, as I too have lost a cat. They are so special, each in their own way. Each day does get easier, but years from now you will still remember your cat with a warm fuzziness that only compares to their fur. (That's how I feel about my departed kitties)

    As for orange, well I say orange is fab. Always has been, always will be. (It seems the perfect end of summer color) I'm glad you're learning to love it!

    Good to see you back...


  28. so sorry about minnie :( breaks my heart every time i think about it.

    on a happier note you did orange well! i also struggle with straight up orange... sooo challenging! i love the zinc buckets- we did a "make your own bouquet" with a bunch of flowers in zinc buckets for my sister's baby shower instead of a goody bag!

  29. So very sorry that you lost your babe. Words do so little to salve the ache, but these are our only tools. Seek refuge in memory, revel in the love you shared, and rest well in the truth that the pain will fade, and the times you shared together will be with you forever

  30. I'm really sorry to hear about your cat, I know just how you feel, like loosing a best friend.

  31. I'm so sorry about your cat! Avoid us all you like. We'll still be here waiting for your beautiful pictures and sublime flowers.

  32. Oh, kid. Man, oh man. I won't even try for smarter words. I don't know that there's such a thing. But one: love.

  33. I know the wind blows in a hole in the heart.
    It hurts at unexpected times. That's the price we pay for love. Thank you for being brave and sharing.

  34. so sorry to hear this news, friend. hoping you're finding ways to patch yourself up. as well as possible.

  35. Losing a pet friend is so hard... i hope you're slowly finding a little consolation by remembering some of your favorite memories. Another friend will come along soon. Glad to know the silent treatment is over, though. :-) We've missed you!

  36. so sorry to hear about your cat, losing a pet is about the hardest thing in the world. i lost my childhood dog about three weeks ago myself and it destroyed me. so difficult. hang in there! i'm sure you gave that kitty the best kitty cat life a kitty could ever hope to have. :)

  37. Blessings and peace in your time of grieving, from one who knows how it feels. Know that you gave that kitty a wonderful life, and that kitty loved you back snuggle for snuggle. Nothing else matters.

  38. I also just lost a cat. Very sorry. Flowers bring comfort with their simple but transcendent power to appeal to so many senses at once.

  39. Ah geeze, I'm only just now seeing this (I know, I know). I'm so so sorry. I think you know how sorry I am. You probably remember. One year and three months later, I finally relented to a friend who had been trying to get me to take in her own cat she's had for like 9 years. It's a long story. Basically, she's choosing the dog over the cat.

    So anyway, I'm dipping a toe back in. We're getting to know each other. I don't think I'll ever get over the last one. But you carry on. xo

  40. i get you.

    .. and just stumbled in
    here. somehow.. and so
    glad i did. what an amazingly
    lovely place and space ..

    getting coffee. staying around.


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