Micha's Birthday

A few weeks back my dad loaded up two canoes with hot dogs, bug spray and beers. We pushed off and rowed towards Indian Rock, a small clearing reachable by water with a huge boulder that fronts a fire circle. I brought turkey feathers for each of us to stick in our hair, and when we docked, we accidentally slammed into my dad's canoe just as he was trying to get out. Our howling fits of laughter could probably be heard 3 miles away.
IMG_5237Untitled-1IMG_5244 My sister Micha is our family's campfire queen. She always brings her dulcimer and plays this one folk song that I swear is ripped straight out of Ken Burns' The Civil War. I can't listen to it fully without stifling a sniffle.

Last year we celebrated her birthday by renting a small cabin in West Virginia and this year she's 10 states away. We spoke briefly on the phone today, neither one of us having great service. The basics were covered, I wished her a happy birthday and we said we loved each other and must catch up when we both had an hour to chat. I can't help but feel the whole interaction was woefully inadequate for a sisterly birthday celebration, so instead I'll think back to our campfire and dream that is was her actual birthday instead. Happy day, big sis.


  1. I wish I was a Merrick...your family sounds absolutely wonderful! :) I love your consideration of life and family . . .

    a nice birthday post ~

  2. Lovely campfire pictures. I was actually thinking about campfires this weekend, and about when I was a girl scout and we made something called "situpons" to sit upon around the campfire. I'll be darned if I can remember how we made them. Your family sounds like great fun, and very loving too.

  3. Such a magical night, it brings back my own similar memories. And such nice birthday musings regarding your sister.

  4. Okay... you're going to make us beg. WHAT IS THE NAME OF THE SONG?

    (I sing that sort of stuff too, and just want to see if it's one I know.)


  5. Looks like such an enjoyable evening!

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  7. beautiful blog

    beautiful thoughts

    so glad i've found you

  8. we just got back this evening from a cabin in the woods and i don't think my family would agree that my two song repertoire on my banjo was 'moving' per se. amusing, maybe!

  9. Awe, Amy you are so sweet, you made my day :) And yes I did play Mary Hamilton around the campfire and thought of you.
    (now I see why you were asking for the name of the song, you sneaky girl)

  10. Sounds like fun, and great photos! Were you using a tripod?

  11. I was passing through different blogs and thought id just say hello. Richard from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa.

  12. Gail, in northern CaliforniaSaturday, August 20, 2011

    When I read this first time around, I was enchanted with the notion of a dad taking his two daughters by canoe to a lakeside campsite for a weiner roast. Better yet, that the two girls seem to realize how unique and special he is.
    A little later I pondered about your reference to poor phone service when you said, “We spoke briefly on the phone today, neither one of us having great service.” First, it’s laughable. Then it’s kind of sad that we have “progressed” so far that our phone service is unreliable.
    Don’t get me wrong. My cell phone has saved me many trips back and forth to town when I could call home for my grocery list, or a quick “Do you need anything downtown?” It even came to my rescue one night when my contact lens popped out and I didn’t have my glasses with me. My cell phone actually worked for a quick call home.
    The little buggers are here to stay.

  13. well happy birthday to your sister

  14. this looks like the best birthday party. ever.

  15. Oh my gosh, these pictures are just too amazing! Looks like a lovely birthday party!