Home for good

I'm very sorry to say that Elmwood season is over for the summer. Brooklyn is home again and I must admit I've shed a few tears over it. The upside is now I get to relive it all by going through my photos (in the comfort of my local coffee shop's air conditioning). This bouquet is from a project that's been in the works for almost 10 months, it's going to be done next week and I'm bursting with excitement to show you. Playing with flowers at the house, surrounded by my dearest friends and family, really overwhelms me with gratitude. My honest-to-god happy place.
Getting to live out a New Hampshire daydream for a month makes city streets a bitter pill to swallow, but for now I'm trying to look at New York with fresh eyes. Those streets- along with the sounds of ice cream trucks and honking horns, rainy mornings that make the pavement steam, my thirsty houseplants and timid kitties- those are all home to me and it's nice to see them again.

Elmwood in July

After three weeks away from Brooklyn and reliable internet, I'm home again if only for a hot minute. The city is scorching and I'm rethinking my stance on AC, helped along by the fact that I can't sleep and am sticking to everything I touch. 

I had a birthday early in the month, but by now the statute of limitations has passed to get too excited over it. I ate an extra large blueberry pancake the day of, poked around some antique stores and quietly grew into an old lady, grey hairs and all. There were flowers, photos and family, too.
This has been a sleepy summer so far. I've watched the garden go from foxgloves, mock orange, roses and japanese dogwood to crabapples, poppies, zinnias and hydrangea, a very rare treat for a city girl. There was a day last week when I gathered blueberries, raspberries and black raspberries in one bowl and had telltale stained fingers. Yesterday I could do nothing but lay in bed with the fan on high. I wilt in the heat, but this wilting is what I want all winter long.
Happy 235th birthday, America. I will eat hot dogs in your honor tonight.