Seriously, wow. Your tips were incredible! Micha and I are getting squirmy with excitement.

It seems we're going to need a bit longer than 15 days to do all of those lovely things, especially since I plan on spending several days doing nothing but shoveling cheese into my mouth. In fact, I have ruled out buying new and appropriate footwear for the trip so i can funnel that $100 directly into raising my cholesterol level. It's going to be great.


  1. Cholesterol? What's that?

    And I almost feel as though I've been to these great, old cities through everyone's comments--those were extraordinary! Happy packing!

  2. You know, sugar is the leading cause of high cholesterol, even grater than eating animal fats... That means we'll need to get some wine and chocolate to go with all that cheese. yeah!! jumping up and down with excitement!!!

  3. I hope you gals have a blast and make lots of memories!!

  4. Paris will be a ball. I miss it already.

  5. hello! i just arrived into your blog from i don't know where and i wanted to say that it is very nice! lovely photos and fun texts :D
    have fun on your trip, it sounds amazing!

  6. You must have the waffles in Belgium! They are pretty much a dessert rather than breakfast food. Powdered sugar and sugar crystals inside and if you find an elementary school (in Brussels anyway) there will be a truck selling waffles afterschool, they look just like ice cream trucks here. (They also sell ice cream, but only during the summer I believe.)

    Those are the same three major places I went just earlier this year: Brussels, Bruges, Antwerp, London, Paris, Amsterdam, the Hague. (They are all good, really really great, but Amsterdam is the BEST...the Dutch are so much friendlier than Belgians.) You are going to have the most beautiful, thrilling, spectacular time!!! Cobblestone alleyways! Canals with little boats parked on the sides! Mmmmm.

  7. I wish i could go away with my sis!! lucky ladies :)

  8. NOW you're getting your priorities in order! Good to see that. Bon voyage!

  9. oh, better late than never?
    i keep reminding my trips from what i eat...

    and since i have lived in the netherlands i have plenty of recommendations for you:

    ♥ cheese. of course. just walk into any decent looking cheese shop. go wild. oud amsterdam. grasskaas. cheese with cumin.
    ♥ patate. the dutch fries with thick mayo or my favorite is the peanutbutter sauce.
    ♥ bolusen. this is like a certain kind of cinnamon roll that originally comes from zeeland. but you might find it in a good bakery. they are delicious.
    ♥ it is the season of 'oliebollen'. you will find those little wagons everywhere on the street until new year. it is a deepfried pastry covered in powder sugar. with or without raisins.
    ♥ROTI do not leave holland without trying some typical surinamese food. it is somewhat a tropical version of indian food. ask locals for a good restaurant. if you happen to go to rotterdam, i can give you a great recommendation there!
    ♥drop. the dutch licorice. if you like that kinda thing.
    ♥vlaai. fruitpies with all sorts of fillings. cherries. peach. you name it. usually there are special shops for them here and there.
    ♥dutch applecake.
    ♥the 'ambachtelijke' yoghurt. yoghurt with jam in the bottom. or apple, raisin, cinnamon, or vanilla or peach.

    i could make this list endless. but i won't.
    anyhow, i am new here and i already love this place, went all the way back,almost to your beginning, in one day!

  10. Oh my! You guys are going to have soooooooooooooooooooo much fun! Enjoy!!

  11. that's my girl. sensibility be damned.

  12. Oh what friend we have in cheeses

    Have fun

  13. Oh wow! We sell these Jonathon Adler bud vases at my work ( and I am seriously obsessed with them...

    Have a wonderful trip!