The Merrick Sisters Top 10: Paris

Our Top Ten Favorites

Favorite museum: Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature
(Technically a hunting museum, but don't let that scare you off. It's insanely beautiful and really cheekly put together. A wonderful little gem of a museum.)

Favorite meal: Hotel du Nord
(Adorable and not scarey pricey, filled with all sorts of Parisians. Sweet Reba took us here.)

Favorite patisserie: Au Panetier
(Enough said)

Favorite delusional residence: Marie Antionette's Hamlet at Versailles
(Like a 18th century mini golf course, complete with little windmill. We were totally in love.)

Favorite painting in the Musée D'Orsay: Twilight by Pierre Bonnard
(I'm a hopeless sucker for green, plaid and spaniels but I was pretty giddy to see the Manets, too.)

Favorite shop: Astier de Villatte
(Best little porcelain teacups, made we want to redouble my pottery efforts.)

Favorite people and dog watching: Jardin du Luxembourg
(The chic old ladies were out in full force, so were the scruffy mutts.)

Favorite antique clothing and textile shop: Chez Dentelles
(Hands down, the smallest shop in Paris. No more than three people including the owner could fit inside and the dresses made us weep from poverty.)

Favorite treacherous staircase: The Catacombs
(The stairs down were scarier than the piles of human skulls.)

Favorite flea market: Porte des Vanves
(Beat out the more famous puces de clignancourt a million to one. I can't recommend this one enough, lots of folding tables and things mere mortals can afford. I wish we would have skipped clignancourt and just gone here at 7am.)

So Paris is done. We arrived in Amsterdam tonight and I'm already in love. The owner of the apartment we rented left us a big bottle of wine and handfuls of dutch candy, so maybe that's why. I get a king sized bed all to myself and after days of refugee style floor camping, this coming week is looking better than ever.


  1. ...Once again, you ARE coming back aren't you? ;o)

    ...Just lovely. Absolutely lovely. Each and every photo I sighed... :o)

    ...Thanks for sharing and here's wishing you and yours a very Happy Thanksgiving!

    ...Blessings... :o)

  2. Totally living vicariously through this sister travel! Cant wait for Amsterdam photos. Oh please do take photos of the Apartment. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving to you and your sis.

  3. wonderful pics, especially the last too.
    i too loved the Marie Antoinette's domains.
    and i shall make notes about the Portes de Vanves marche for my next time in Paris

  4. In Paris - with our English cocker spaniel! - this summer, actually on July 4th, we strolled through the courtyard of the Louvre and let the dog swim first in the round pool and then in the pools around the pyramids to cool off ;)) quite a highlight.
    Then we headed onwards towards the Jardins des Tuileries only to be informed that dogs weren't allowed... never mind, instead, we got to walk along the Seine in the shade of the chestnut trees - memories of Paris!!

  5. Rue des Rosiers!! Oh goodness, I want to be in Paris SO bad right now! Pictures are totally gorge, per ushe.

  6. swoon! sounds absolutely enchanting. i will be sure to check out your top ten if i ever have the chance to go to paris!

    p.s. i adore your sisters crochet beret. now i am looking for a similar pattern...must make one!

  7. oh my, everything sounds so good. i am a little bit green with envy.
    i hope the rest of your trip will be just as beautiful.
    by the way...what camera do you use? love the feeling of the pictures!

  8. Oh, such wonderfully evocative photos! Looks and sounds like you're having a great time.

    I'm a bit slow off the mark but here are some more Amsterdam suggestions (in the unlikely event that you need anymore :)

    the Otherist - wonderful (as in 'filled with wonder'), must-visit shop, Leliegracht 6
    Patisserie Kuyt - best pastries, cakes and other deliciousness in A'dam, Utrechtsestraat 109-111
    Puccini Bomboni - chocolate heaven… the honey ones and the thyme ones are delicious (they all are!), Staalstraat 17
    Kef - I think you like cheese - this is an awesome cheese shop, Marnixstraat 192
    't Arendsnest - cosy/gezellig bar with an impressively extensive selection of delicious, artisanally brewed Dutch beers, Herengracht 90
    De Boekenmarkt op het Spui - A great 'antiquarian' (and other) book market, only on Fridays (i.e. today!), Spui square (while you're there, if you're there, pop in to the Begijnhof - a charming little courtyard garden accessed via an arched doorway off the Spui square)

    Hope you have lots of fun in the 'Dam. Looking forward to seeing your photos...

  9. Ha! This post literally made me groan out loud in a whiney petulant-child kind of "ooooohhh, why can't IIIIIIIIIIIII be in Paris instead of freezing my ass off at wooooooork?" Meh. Enjoy every minute, ladies!

  10. So, I have to let you know that I went to Chez Dentelles today in hopes to find an antique apron - and I let the owner know that I was referred to her by a blog, and that the blogger (you) said that it was your favorite antique clothing shop in Paris. She shrieked with excitement and said, "really? Me? Oooh, so kind! So very kind." It was adorable. Sadly, she didn't have any aprons, but it was a beautiful shop! And tiny.

  11. Consider this post bookmarked for future sister trip to Paris. UHmazing.

    AND CAN WE TALK TOBACCO LABELS? They aren't as charming as your French ones, but I just bought a dozen pre-Independence Indian cigar box labels and you might *freak out* when you see them. There is wild animal carnage. And a cow-to-Krishna jet of milk. And a mustachioed Rajput on horseback. Stop by if you wanna looksee.

  12. Superbes photos de Paris... Même si j'y habite, c'est un autre point de vue et à travers tes photos, elle me semble différente.


  13. Just finally had a chance to catch up on your blog ... imagine my surprise at linking to Reba's blog from the Paris Market & Brocante of Savannah ... a shop that our shop gets numerous comparisons to. Such a small world!


  14. I'm going to go through your entire's looks so wonderful. I love your many beautiful images and fantastic tips.