Attention Travelers and/or Europeans!

Dear lovely, kind and thoughtful friends,

The Merrick girls are going to Paris, Brussels and Amsterdam in 10 days. I have been to Paris (a shamefully long time ago) but haven't been to Belgium or the Netherlands. Micha's top pick is the Paris Opera and I'm desperate to peer into the flower auction in Amsterdam.

Now tell me, please. What are two poor but cute girls to do to? Seriously. Tell me what we need to see. If you live there, let us buy you a coffee. We promise to be entertaining.

Amy & Micha


  1. The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is phenomenal.

  2. Les Catacombs in Paris, creepy but great!

  3. Are you familiar with Design Sponge? They have fantastic city guides full of wonderful ideas for museums, shopping and food. Here's the link for Brussels, but I am sure they have tons of information and guides for Paris and Amsterdam......

  4. Yes! I write a weekly column on design sponge (the "living in" movie column). It's true, Grace's guides are pretty comprehensively spectacular.

  5. The poffertjes in Amsterdam--little mini pancakes fresh out of their dimpled griddle--are amazing. And you must rent a bike.

  6. In Amsterdam, I recommend Anne Frank's House and the Amsterdam Hilton (to celebrate John and Yoko's bed-In) ---

  7. The Museum of Natural History in Paris is SO up your alley-- it feels like it got preserved at the turn of the century and is incredibly atmospheric. Seriously magical- google image it!

  8. I've been to belgium a bunch! my favorite! Eat everything in sight, starting with Ghent, Antwerp and Brugge!

  9. Hi Amy! Long time lurker, I love your blog. It's so nice to get a dose of pretty every once in awhile. I just got back from a six month study abroad adventure in Amiens, France (about an hour north of Paris and an 1.5 hours south of Brussels), and I love love love giving Europe advice! In Paris, the Museum of Natural History, Jardin des Plantes, and the Jardins du Luxembourg are incredibly beautiful and just SO Parisian, the fabulousness drips right off the trees. The Marais neighborhood is wonderful for souvenirs and has winding streets like you wouldn't believe.
    In Brussels, the Grand Place (or Groote Market in Dutch) is a big public square where the former guild halls are located, and is probably my favorite place in the world. Near to that is St. Michael's Cathedral (where the Belgian royalty gets married), and that is also a must see.

    Never been to Amsterdam, but it's on the list. Have an amazing time!

  10. i'd love to give you suggestions, but i don't travel that often so i'm afraid i don't have any! however, i just had to comment on what a pretty picture you two girls make. i know you'll have the most lovely time!

  11. Amsterdam!!! It's so beautiful! There is a really funky museum- the museum of bags and purses! It's extremely well curated and lots of fun. Definitely go see one of the canal house museums! The Rijksmuseum is nice because it has a diverse collection. The Van Gogh museum is awesome but doesn't have anything else at all.

    My favorite museum by far is Rembrandt's house. Everything is reproduced in detail and you feel like you are INSIDE a dutch painting!!!

    have tons of fun!!!

  12. "Bike About Tours" in Paris was fabulous. was the best thing we did. And cheap. And not too time consuming. About a half day. I think it's the #1 rated thing in Paris on Tripadvisor:

    have fun :)

  13. next to the Van Gogh Museum is a skating rink... and also the huge "Amsterdam" sign.. I suggest going there. There's also a small restaurant right there that serves all kinds of delicious treats! =)

  14. Paris Laduree shops for pastries and macaroons. I had them packed in a box and my best friend and I ate them at the Tuileries on my 18th birthday. Good times.

    Arianne from A + B in the Sea

  15. Aw. you girls are adorable. I kinda want to be adopted! Have so much fun!! Eat lots of baguettes!!

  16. while visiting Paris i think you should stop by at Rose Bakery - their cookbook is the most beautiful one so i can´t even imagine how perfect it is in realitiy!
    and - amazing picture you two!

  17. L'As Du Falafel in the Marais in Paris is wonderful for a cheap and very filling lunch. They make the best falafel in the world and it comes in a giant pitta bread with all kinds of delicious salad, eggplant, sauces and so on. Plus, it's in the Marais, the most enchanting part of Paris by a long shot. I could happily spend a whole weekend just meandering around the Marais, pretending I lived behind one of those giant creaky front doors. If you see someone about to unlock one, hang around a moment and look - there are often the most beautiful courtyards hidden behind them. Take your camera; take your time.

    But don't forget the falafel. I am actually a little sad that I am not eating one right now.

  18. Just emailed you an itinerary from when my sister and I gallivanted around Paris. You two are going to have SUCH a magical time. Bon chance!

  19. Paris - find the Amelie cafe and do the walk around Montmartre, (google amelie walk!) it's a beautiful area!

    Amsterdam - definitely hire a bike! If you like cats there's the Katten Kabinet, a museum dedicated solely to them! hehe. And a wander round the Vondelpark is free and lovely.

    have fun x

  20. I'm so excited for the both of you! I've never been to any of the places you mentioned so I really can't offer any advice. Have fun!

  21. Watch the movie 'In Bruges' with Colin Farrell and then become totally obsessed with this amazing city. Have a nice trip

  22. hi! i'm in paris and have a few ideas for you. i have made a few illustrated guides too, if you wanna check them out, let me know!

    here's one as an example, but there are a few more:

    also, you can pick up the new ofr guide when you get into town.

  23. Foodie heaven - Fauchon right near the opera... and walk, walk, walk...!

    I am in Switzerland, but glad to hear Europe is on anyone's radar at all LOL

    Have fun, pretty girls!!

  24. I'm in lovely Amsterdam and have played tour guide to many guests. I understand that there are must-sees, and even have tips for those. Anne Frank: go very late in the afternoon to avoid the hour-long queue. Van Gogh Museum: the second floor should be the first stop. But there are so many lovely unknowns about this city and a fairly vibrant nightlife for such a small city.

    After Paris, I'm sure you'll love the Amsterdam prices. Although you have to keep your eye out for non-touristy restaurants. When will you be here? I'd love to show you a few favorites!

    In Brussels, I must recommend my favorite hotel in the world: Phileas Fogg Bed and Breakfast. Each room is unique and there is a friendly black lab:

    Safe travels!

  25. Even though it's cold, try to experience Amsterdam on bikes! Could be a cheap way to get around? & OF course the Van Gogh museum.

    I went to Paris on a budget, & it was one of my favorite stops! I Honestly Simply Loved walking around the areas that were less familiar/where the locals go--it's way better than spending your money on the Champs-Élysées (although you need to revisit that just for fun ;)), & you will probably get more out of it by just walking around with your camera! & if you don't know French, learn some key phrases or else you'll get snubbed! he he:)

  26. A few years ago I did a story for Southern Living magazine about the Aalsmeer flower auction just outside of Amsterdam. It was amazing to see, but I don't know if I would suggest it if you just have a few days there because of the time it would take.
    In Paris the Musee Rodin is always a good choice. In fact, I would insist on it.

  27. oooh paris: monet's house & gardens {giverny} are wonderful & unforgettable. if you see signs for cider mills along the way, stop. it's sparkling cider {think apple champagne!} and the mills are everything you've ever dreamed of. rustic beauty.

    in paris proper, the fashion and textile museum was great and i still have a tissue coaster as a souvi from an afternoon of Laduree macaroons.

    i was pretty poor when i was there but really wanted to see the fancies. we would go to really $$$ hotels for coffee {and dessert} and people watch.

    have a great trip!

  28. i was a teenager when i was in paris, and i know there are shakespeare and co.'s everywhere, but i loved how at the paris one, the books just sort of tumbled out onto the street. if you go there will you report about if they are in fact still tumbling out, or if they've all been contained within the store? it remains my favorite bookstore memory of my life.

  29. Oh so close! if you pop over to Berlin give me a holler, would love to show you around.

  30. Do go to the L'Orangerie Musuem in Paris and sit in the Lily Pond room. Near Tuilleries and overlooked by sooooo many. Palais du Tokyo for Modenr Art. The street market near Les Halles for fresh food.... If you like hand made and interesting buy yourself 2 little books - Paris: Made by Hand and Amsterdam: Made by Hand. On your travels to these stores and in them you will find yourselves in intriguing parts of town and with unique souveniers. And the shop owners tend to have finger on pulse and will tell you where best local market etc is.
    I am off to Amsterdam on 28th (from Australia) and to see Bruges for first time after that so I will borrow all your comments to help me.

  31. De Pijp district in Amsterdam for good restaurants + neat shopping: For excellent cocktails visit Harry's Bar on Spuistraat!

  32. the rodin museum and the musee d'orsay were two of my favorites!the centre de pompidou had my favorite hitchcock exhibit! it's pretty wacky and awesome.

    have you been to versailles? lisa and i made sandwiches and ate in the gardens. i totally thought it was worth going!

    the louvre was frustrating because it was packed and almost impossible to tackle. i wish i had gone with a plan...

    for food i just wandered the amazing street markets. we literally ate almost every meal in the boulangeries and patisseries and fromageries.

    oh, and laduree, and bring me back some pleeeeeeeease!!!!

  33. In Amsterdam once you're away from the very touristy spots, you'll fall in love with everyone and everything and cry when you have to leave. Sleep on a boat if you can. Can definitely agree with hiring a bike and definitely eat some Indonesian food (some great ones on Utrechtsestraat). And chips with sate sauce - mmmm
    And apple tart. Not that I'm food obsessed or anything.

  34. I'm an odd traveler. I don't like to make long trips in order to see the inside of a museum, or go to a play.

    For me, traveling is all about the people. The people are what make different cultures come alive.

    My idea of a perfect travel experience is to go somewhere amazing with no itinerary, no reservations, no nothing. Find a local pub. Start talking to the local people. Meet interesting people, and you'll have an interesting trip. You will see and do things that every other tourist in the world has not, and you will create lasting friendships that will keep your trip alive throughout your lifetime, instead of just having a suitcase full of pamphlets to show where you went.

    Especially in Europe, people are very responsive to travelers who really take an interest in their lives, in their culture. I've been to Scotland twice, to England, Italy, and Ireland. In every case, the best times I had involved chance meetings with local folks who welcomed me into their circle and shared special experiences of their homeland.

    In short? Don't plan! Just go!

    P.S. There's a side benefit to this idea. If you don't make plans, you will never be disappointed. Every day will be a new adventure! Also - bring a travel journal, and write in it every night before you go to sleep, even if it's only a few words. Au revoir!

  35. I was in Holland visiting my cousin last May and it was AMAZING! Amsterdam is amazing, but taking day trips to surrounding cities is also a blast.

    Rembrandt's house in Amsterdam was very interesting. Because the bank siezed the house from him (he had quite expensive taste, apparently) the house is completely furnished with mostly original pieces.

    I also suggest's-Hertogenbosch which is a great city about an hour's train from Amsterdam that is known for their "Bossche bol" (aka puffed pastry filled with creme and covered entirely in chocolate). The city is beautiful, but even a 1/2 hour stop for Bossche Bols is sooo worth it.

    ALSO, you can't take a trip to Holland without going on a bicycle tour of some sort. The city tours in Amsterdam are fun, but for a less dangerous/stressful ride, hit up a small town outside of the city, rent bikes and tour the countryside. Nearly every city has a bicycle rental at or near the train station and the Netherlands has their own national route of bike paths that people tour (families actually do bicycle road trips!)

    I'd say the coolest thing about the Netherlands is the culture, so just soak it up! Have a blast!!


  36. In Brussels, you need to see/stay at the Chambres en Ville B&B on Rue de Londres!

  37. You have to go to, must, must, must go to the Flea market (week-end only) in Saint-Ouen and Vanves. Killiwatch off Rue Etienne Marcel has good vintage but I don't know the really good ones who have designer stuff. Anouschka used to be the place but not sure if it's still around...
    every bistrots in Le Marais is cool. Camille is famous but they are all great and pretty hip.
    You have to get coffee and croissants at Cafe de Flore on St Germain.
    In the area you have Isabelle Marant and Vanessa Bruno...
    Le Bon Marche is the hippest department store...
    If you are in a glam mood go for dinner or drinks at Hotel Costes.
    And swing by Colette!! Even just for lunch downstairs... The best.

  38. oooh i leave for amsterdam on monday! i've never been either. i'm also looking forward to flower markets. i found a link to a floating flower market (on a canal) that's open year round. fantastic ideas/suggestions above. have a great time!

  39. For Paris, head to the Latin Quarter and the Rue Mouffetard and do some picnic shopping and then take the 1/2 hour trip out to Versailles. The palace is expensive and the lines are long but the gardens are free and on the weekends they have a fountain show. Best time I had in Paris was a long afternoon on the grass at Versailles along the Grand Canal channeling my inner Marie Antoinette.
    Oh and someone else mentioned L'As Du Falafel. I concur.

  40. make sure you devote a day ,in amsterdam, to smoking some mellow hash and getting lost..

  41. A lovely day trip out of Paris: Giverny for Monet's garden.

    Check out David Lebovitz's site:

    And of course:Little Brown Pen:

  42. I've never been to amsterdam, but I can give you some tips on Paris and Brussels.

    - take in the wonderful architecture and street art
    - if you have the time, go on a daytrip to ghent/brugge. When in ghent, have a massive waffle at the place where they were invented.
    - eat lots of waffles
    - There's a little bar just off the grand place with coffins as tables where you can drink beer out of a skull. I thought it'd be tacky, but it was a really nice place.
    - Delirium Tremens is a tourist trap, but one of those that has to be done. Try the mango beer.

    - Go to Ladurée, but go for tea and cake, not dinner. if you wanna see why read this:
    - Absolutely do not miss musee d'orsay
    - Abbey bookshop, it's better than Shakespeare & co:
    - Wander around the jewish area, it's full of second hand shops.
    - If the weather is nice buy a bottle of wine off some shop and go sit in the steps by the sacre coure in montmartre.
    - A restaurant recommendation would be a place called une zebre a montmartre. I've been there a few times. It was a recommendation from a local, and it's just amazing.
    - Bring lots of cheese back home.
    - For coffee/beer/wine try small out of the way places, it's expensive.
    - Sit at brasserie lipp or cafe de flore and pretend you're an intellectual.
    And if you're into literature, I made a post with some of Paris' literary locations here:

  43. I live in Paris! My favorite bar is Le Motel, the metro is Ledru-Rollin which is on line 8. You can get some tiny foods and beer/wine is cheap! It's in a cool area too, lots of stuff around on Rue Charonne.

  44. Can't figure out how to send from my account. Sorry!
    My first thought for you was the Rodin Museum. Just lovely. Also, just walking across the bridges over La Seine. So beautiful and absolutely free. I loved Notre Dame as well. One of my favorite spots was the cemetery, Pere LaChaise, which is right on the metro. Be sure to visit Oscar Wilde's grave. I recommend getting a map of the cemetery and of the Louvre and planning ahead. The Louvre is magnificent, but you must strategize or you will be overwhelmed (Vermeer and Michelangelos slaves were among the highlights for me). If you go to the Marais for the awesome falafel on the Rue des Rosiers, go to the Picasso museum. Have a lovely trip. :-)

  45. Wow, thank you guys! These are amazing, micha and I are completely thrilled.

  46. In Amsterdam: the FOAM is a really nice photography museum ( and across the canal you have another great canal house museum: museum Van Loon. ( Personally (I live in Amsterdam), I think the FOAM is one of the best museums around and they have a lovely cafe downstairs as well. If you are there, walk down the Keizersgracht and go to the Utrechtsestraat (about 5 minutes) for some shopping (they have great shops there like SissyBoy or Bellerose etcetera and it is not touristy at all) or go the other way to the 9 streets for some vintage shopping.

  47. sofiewarnants@hotmail.comSaturday, November 06, 2010

    I lived in Brussels for eight years 'till now (I recently moved to Stockholm). And since I really like your blog and your style, I thought I'd give you some tips on one of the least appreciated capitals of Europe...

    - food: Kika / Fin de Siècle / Le Pré Salé / Friterie Renée
    - drinks: L'archiduc / Goudblommeke van Papier / De Walvis / Fontainas
    - shopping: Rue des Chartreux / Rue Dansaert / Rue Léon Lepage / Place Brugmann
    - second hand clothing: Ramon & Valy / Foxhole
    - sightseeing: Wiels art centre / buildings from Horta / antique market on Place Jeux de Balles every morning
    - and for the flowers: Thierry Boutémy is my favourit (he did the set of Marie-Antoinette)

    As for Paris:
    - food: Chez Prosper / Rose Bakery

    Please, let me know if you need more information!

  48. I have had such an amazing time looking up all these suggestions, you are all too kind! Believe me we will be taking your advice.

    I sending you each some flowers (via the blogosphere) to thank you...

  49. You can visit the special Monet 2010 exhibition in Le grand Palais in Paris if it is a rainy day. Here is a link to give you an idea Have a great time girls!

  50. I love to walk along the canal at metro jaurès, montmarte of course but its a tad touristy, metro Oberkamf and the 20e district is good for bobo (bourgeois-bohème) bars and cafés, a walk along the Seine is indispensable and the Musée D'orsay is a must go too

  51. For amazing, unusual vintage finds in Paris, take a look at Tombees du Camion. There are three shops in the city - I went to the one on Rue Joseph de Maistre near Montmartre. Absolutely beautiful!

    For cheap lunchtime eating, go for falafel at L'As du Falafel on Rue des Rosiers. The best falafel I've ever had :-)
    Have fun! x

  52. I just came back from Belgium a few weeks ago. You MUST go to Bruges. It is beautiful and easily accessible by train from Brussels. I wasn't that thrilled by Ghent, so I think you can skip that city.

    Also, check out the Rene Magritte museum in Brussels. And when in Brussels, if you want to buy chocolate or beer to bring back, just go to one of the supermarkets. It is a lot cheaper than all those shops catering to tourists.

  53. Musee D'Orsay in Paris, by far in my top 5 museums in the world. sit in Dam Square in Amsterdam with some coffee, if you have never been there or been there 10 times, i would say to do this. also the flower auction is intense and amazing but make sure you get there incredibly early everything is pretty much done by 8 or 9 a.m.! hope you have a most beautiful and amazing trip.

  54. Hi from Brussels ;)

    You must go to the 'Sablon' neighborhood in Brussels. There you have the very famous Belgian bakery 'Wittamer' and the best belgian chocolate (in my opinion)at Pierre Marcolini (you must try their little red hearts with white and brown chocolate)

    Next to the 'Sablon' you have 'Mont des Arts' with a whole bunch of museums including one about the famous painter Rene Margritte. (I went there 2 days ago and I really liked it!)

    There you also have the Royal Palace of Brussels and its park..It is the official palace of the King of the Belgians (but they don't actually live there :p).

    If you want to, you can take the tram from there and go to 'Louisa' with famous high street brands and other boutiques...

    You can also go to the 'Grand place'...a tourist must see.

    I also think you should go to Antwerp! It's train station was ranked number 1 as the most beautiful train station in Europe!
    The city of Brugge is also a must see! It's very beautiful!

    -Macaroons from Laudurée
    -Musee d'Orsay
    -Champs Elysees and Arc de Triomphe
    (maybe watch the first episode season 4 of Gossip Girl :p)

    Have an awesome trip ;)

  55. Oh i almost forgot: maybe try to look at some french blogs like these:



  56. People have given you so much good advice but please please please.....just rent the BIKES!!! You'll fall in love with the real character of a city

  57. Bad news, friends. I don't ride bikes too happily. Scared of getting run over!

  58. Le Temps des Cerises (restaurant)
    28-20 Rue de la Butte aux Cailles
    Lun-Sam: 11h45 – 14h15 & 19h30 – 23h45.
    M°: Corvisart / Place-d’Italie

  59. La maison Nissim de Camondo to see the style of life in french XIXème siècle !

  60. [currently my most favorite Paris museum:]

    Musée Zadkine
    100 bis, rue d'Assas 75006 Paris

    Ouvert de 10h à 18h, tous les jours sauf lundis et jours fériés

    Tél: 01 55 42 77 20 - Fax: 01 40 46 84 27

    Métro : Notre-Dame des Champs, Vavin
    RER B : Port-Royal
    bus : 38, 82, 83, 91

  61. I will totally be in Paris next summer! Haha sorry for snooping! :)

    check our blog at:

  62. hi! long time reader, first time commenter :) i've been based in Amsterdam for the past 8 months- it's an adorable city. you must MUST rent bikes. zwarte fietsenplan has great ones.
    coffee here is excellent, as are the oysters. have a meal at George to check out A'dam's pretty people. eat a savory pancake (get bacon on it!) and have a beer on a canal while munching bitterballen, traditional Dutch bar snacks. canal cruises are fun, informative and very pretty, if a bit touristy. definitely go to one of the house museums- Van Loon or Willet-Holthuysen to see how wealthy merchants lived on the canal belt in A'dam's heyday.

    feel free to email me for more reccos!

  63. also Hotel de Caron de Beaumarchais in Paris is wonderful!

  64. so lucky! i have only been to paris, but more than once and i exhaustively researched each time. food is the reason i travel and so many places are wonderful but not always cheap. le taxi jeune in paris made me want to move into the 'hood, the vibe was awesome. le timbre was a FIND. cafe jeanette is great for lunch or breakfast and a very late drink and it's cheap! we compared the best falafels there too--seriously cheap. i have more reccos on my site from my last trip. depending on what you want (best souffle? best memorable meal?) the reccos could go on forever!

    to do: musee d'orsay is my fave. the views from centre pompidou are amazing.

  65. I second or third the Catacombs of Paris. Be near the front of the line after they reopen for lunch, skip the litle museum and advance (I recommend hand in hand; it's fantastically creepy) before the crowd.

    Also, you must see the upstairs, royal, level of St. Chapelle. "Blue" may never be the same again.

  66. I actually found the Catacombs to be very disturbing. I was very quickly uncomfortable with the idea that someone's body was stacked up for all of us to view/take pictures of. But that said, I guess I'm glad I experienced it.

    L’Experimental Cocktail Club is fantastic and all along the rue St.-Sauveur there were great looking restaurants that were very happening.

    The Rodin museum is a nice little escape with their beautiful gardens.

  67. I've yet to do Europe, but I can see from all these suggestions you will need far more than 10 days. Have a great trip! I'm hoping to get there soon.

  68. one of my favorite things in Holland was the flower auction! It's outside of Amsterdam, so you have to either drive or bus out there, and it only happens in the morning. I managed to figure out how to get there by bus, and it took us right to the door. It's called the Bloomenvelig and it's absolutely incredible. You should go!
    We got the iAmsterdam card and it was totally worth it.

  69. Hi there,
    I am parisian and I live in Paris for… 40 years, oops!
    You MUST absolutely see :
    - le musée de la vie romantique (Romantic's museum - 19 rue Chaptal, 75009, it is not far from Montmartre)
    - le musée Gustave Moreau (such a beautiful museum in the house of the painter proper - 14 Rue de La Rochefoucauld 75009 Paris, not far from the Romantic's museum)
    - musée Delacroix, on a lovely square in Saint-Germain-des-Prés (6 rue Furstenberg, 75006 - after a macaroon and a hot chocolate at Ladurée's place, 21 rue Bonaparte). You can visit the Louvre and the Delacroix museum with the same ticket (the same day).
    Right now, the musée d'art moderne is very crowdy because of the large Basquiat exhibition. It is not easy to get in.
    Do not go to Monet's house in Giverny (it to far away from Paris) but if you can, go and see the nowadays great Monet exhibition at the Grand Palais (not far away the Champs Elysées) but you have to reserve before, for it is literally besieged…
    If you want, send me an email, I will give you my phone. I live in the musée d'Orsay, and I can let you in, if you want to jump the queue ;-)
    When you will stroll in the Marais, do not miss la Place des Vosges. There is a great shop not far away: L'Habilleur, 44 rue de Poitou, where you will find great stuff to dress-up at lower prices. And have lunch (or a tea with a wonderful cake) at Le loir dans la théière, 3 rue des rosiers!
    See you girls!

  70. Nathalie!! I would love to email you! I can't seem to see your blogger profile to get your address. Either you email me at aemerrick at gmail or comment back! Your suggestions are wonderful!

  71. "I live in the musée d'Orsay".
    I think i just gave up on all my previous hopes, dreams and ambitions in life.

  72. I really like this Paris guide:



    there's a public fountain where you can fill up your own bottle with sparkling water!

    and pierre herme, i had a peach, apricot and saffron macaron there! unreal.

  74. Ok, I work beside Kings Cross and I'm SO tempted to walk out and get on the Eurostar to Paris right now. Have a wonderful time! Emma

  75. There are these little vans all over Brussels (or at least in the touristy parts) selling LIEGE waffels. EAT THEM. Also get the frites with mayo, just so you can say you did it right, the European way. :)

    Hope the Christmas market opens before you leave - they have ice skating and awesome merry-go-rounds:

    Here is the waffel van (you'll know it when you see it):

    All my Belgium photos (including Bruges - an easy day trip by train!):

    I've been to Amsterdam too, but it was only for the day. Dutch art is awesome, so hit the Rijksmuseum if you can. And take a day trip out to a smaller town like Haarlem or Gouda (YES it's really called GOUDA). Leiden is also really beautiful.

    Paris I haven't been to in 13 years so I got nothin. But I know you'll rock it.

    Have so much fun, sweet Amy. XOXO!

  76. Amsterdam is my favourite city! Great atmosphere, really beautiful and stylish. Make the most of munchie food... super low brow. The hole in the wall fast foods... bami, croquettes, chips with mayonnaise!'Kaasland - Lots of Cheese' shop is deelish, they do tasters of everything and their cheese crossaints are great. Leaning houses, gorgeous cafes and there is an amazing chocolate shop 'Unlimited Delicious'. The raspberry chocs are the best. Just walking around aimlessly is in Amsterdam is fantastic.

  77. Paris is the BEST city to just walk around-- and you're going at such a great time-- no tourists!
    Some favorites: The Musee de Quai Branly... The Paris Mosque (SUCH a great little cafe in the courtyard!)... the Parc de Buttes-Chaumont is so charming, and you get a great view of Montmartre...
    MUST go to Versailles, and the best part is hands down the gardens. DO NOT skip the gardens! But be mindful of the time, as the gates close "at dusk" and it's easy to get lost... ;)

    Have a great time!