Pumpkin time

Aunt Betsy
For the past month or so I've been thinking about posting this photo of my Aunt Betsy. I recently got to see what used to be her little red cottage and was overcome with sweetness and sadness. Some things you just can't comprehend.

This year I'm feeling a bit wistful for a fall I've never had. You know the kind- a woodstove, a dog, a cabin, crunchy leaves, wool everything and pumpkins in the windows. It makes me happy to think that Betsy had that fall. That fall sounds pretty good.

More sneaky photos

Remember this fantastic place? I went with Micha as a little Philly pit stop on the well worn path between Annapolis and Brooklyn. This time, armed with my camera and a stealthy sense of subterfuge.

(I practiced the famous sneeze and camera click move few times outside.)

If the natural history police do end up tracing these illegal photos back to me, you will be my one phone call. Plead my case and if all else fails, continue the legacy in my name.

Mount Vernon

It seems I am allergic to staying in one place these days. This weekend I crossed the mason-dixon again for some family fun and ended up going to Mount Vernon. Photos weren't allowed but I snuck some for you cause we're good like that.

I grew up fed a strict diet of historical sites. Jamestown, Williamsburg, Old Saint Mary's, Fort Ticonderoga, Gettysburg, Canterbury Shaker Village- you name it, I conquered it. Years have passed since I've been in full form and gosh, it's good to be home.

Wheel throwing

I've been wanting to take a pottery class for years and now I can officially say that, people, this is really, really hard. Finicky. Frustrating. Maddening, even. So when you throw a little pot that GASP looks like a little pot, you feel a triumphant surge of brilliance.

I am not generally someone who enjoys being bad at things. Like mini golf. Being bad at mini golf is just plain miserable. Being bad at wheel throwing is amazing. I could be bad at wheel throwing all day long.

This particular triumphant surge of brilliance lasted oh, a few days till it collapsed in on itself. A watery grave in the slop bucket for my first pot. Still fun, I promise.


Thank you nice people for your nice words. I have been happily distracting myself with trips and travels and 1,054 miles freshly put on the wagon.

I've been traveling home and then home again to my actual home, then to my nearby home away from home, Connecticut. Home to the land of my grandpa and fiery leaves and fiery fireplaces.

My sister is still on leave from work because of her accident and she has another 2 months to go. We've been running around together a lot this fall since we haven't been in the same place for longer than a week in years. She makes a good travel buddy and patiently puts up with my constant camera clicking.

We foraged and frolicked and lost each other in the woods not 15 minutes after I took this photo. It was a whole hour till we found each other. Turns out, I wandered off in pursuit of serious acorn collecting and she was peeing in the bushes. If that doesn't say what kind of girls we are then I don't know what does.

She's been a wellspring of inspiration and positive energy since, professionally speaking, shit hit the fan last month. She knows me better than anyone else and is especially good at talking me down from ledges. She has 26 years experience and after this week, she's a pro.