And now, a message from my original sponsor.

Big and exciting changes are afoot around an apple a day and here to tell us more about those changes is my mother. Yes, she knows this is going on the internet. I think.

The main thing is that my job at Saipua recently came to a bittersweet close. I wasn't quite ready to go, but we have to learn to accept even the unexpected endings with dignity and grace. (New mantra, repeated several times under breath.) I had a wonderful year and a half being a member of the family and have so much respect for what Sarah, Eric and Susan have built together. I worked hard there, learned more than is conceivable and broke approximately 483 vases and one very expensive rolling security gate in the process.

Now it's time for new visions and new seasons, as my mom so sweetly wrote. What is it that the kids are saying these days? Let's get this party started? Yeah. Let's try that.

Pumpkin ice cream

Do you guys remember this post from a little over a year ago? Probably not. It's a prerequisite for the one I'm writing now, so go and take a minute to get caught up to speed. I'll be here when you get back.

No seriously, go back and read it.

When spring rolled around this past year, my beloved Ralph's never opened for the season. I was crushed. There is now an awfully unnecessary late night deli (which might officially be called "late night deli" or something equally banal) in the old Ralph's corner location. It only took one summer for the war of Graham street to be over and for Uncle Louie G's to push out my dear italian ice spot. Boo. Hiss.

I swear with you as my witness, never once did I purchase ice cream from Uncle Louie G's while Ralph's was in business, pumpkin ice cream or no. I was stayed loyal till the end.

Of course the upside of all of this is that I can now eat pumpkin ice cream whenever I want and today being the first day of fall, I did just that. Nevertheless, rest in peace sweet Ralph's. Gone but not soon forgotten.

Potted thyme

Remember back when I used to have witty and funny and insightful stories to tell you? I don't either. But my mom swears there was a time and I think that time will come again (not that I'm convinced it ever existed in the first place).

Things have been so monumentally weird and sad and happy around here this month. So much to talk about but instead I'll just tell you that I've managed to keep a thyme plant alive in my bedroom this summer. Which is like a big freakin deal because herbs inside are hard.

My dad (a big plant man and also a mental health expert) likes to say that for plant people, there is a connection between the state of one's plants and the state of one's mind. Happy plants = happy people. My thyme and I aren't dead yet, so there's that. We persevere.

Micha's 30th

My big sister had a 30th birthday a few weeks back and we rented a cabin in West Virginia to celebrate. We soaked in some ancient mineral springs and got massages, too, which is very fancy for us. (Ignoring the fact that Micha is a trained massage therapist and gives much better massages than the ones we paid for.)

Eager for fall, we made a fire when perhaps we shouldn't have. August 14th is no time for fires in fireplaces in West Virginia. I don't know what came over me, because that same weekend I prematurely bought an antique Christmas tree stand. In August. The shame of it all left me unwilling to remove it from my car and face the fact that I have no room in the inn for off season christmas purchases.

I'm finally ready for fall. More fires (just not at elmwood seeing as i've ruined it for everyone.) More hot coco. Less weddings. More free time. More blogging. More of everything that makes me happy.