News flash.

She who does not love cats is still loving these cats beyond imagination.

It is officially official, I have evolved. It is also officially official that my cats at home will never evolve into appreciating my newly evolved-ness.

Canoe ride

I've come to the conclusion that I would be happiest conducting all life's business from a canoe at dusk. Telecommuting to the office! Painting my toenails! Paddling around and relaxing like there ain't no care in the world 'cept thunderstorms and running out of bug spray!

Night canoes are the quiet thrill of my life. I think it has to do with living in New York for so long where actual physical darkness doesn't occur. (And if it did, it wouldn't bode well.) It's nice to finally get out on the pond at Elmwood, it puts the frenetic pace of city life into perspective. In other words, city life ain't all that.

Elmwood, again

me and micha

I just got back from another 10 day trip to Elmwood, this time with all four of us wonderfully kooky Merricks.

Dad gave me an old tripod, so we had fun with taking family pictures. Micha and I made some flower crowns and goofed off in the field behind the house. The goldenrod was blooming and looking back on it, really and truly, I've never felt so lucky in my whole long life.


My mom brought me up a big bowl of hand picked raspberries from home last week. I made a birthday pie with peaches and the raspberries which was, in fact, the biggest crust disaster in years. I underestimated how brutally hot it was in the kitchen at Elmwood (so hot), meaning my very well chilled butter for the crust went from very well chilled to darn near melted as I was cutting it in. I need to get one of those new fangled processor things people keep talking about.

The pie was mediocre at best, meaning my mom and I ate the whole thing that same day. She was just humoring me. She's good like that.

Scenes from a birthday

On the 6th I woke up completely overjoyed to be at Elmwood and out of the city and then promptly fell back asleep till 8:45am, which is like a big deal for me. (Also, I must admit I am no bed-maker.) I lolled around with a cup of coffee and made a daisy chain. Mom showed up at 10am and we put on our swim suits immediately because it was so darn hot.

26 is being nice to me so far. Presents have been out of this world- transferred Super 8 home movies, Erie Basin treasures, vintage dresses, Tolkien nerd stuff and dum-a-dum-dum-dum, the shirt off a boy's back. Could have been worse. In fact, not sure how it could have possibly been better.

July 6th

Do I seem older and wiser to you? More mature and aware of my place in the world? Could this possibly be because I turned 26 on Tuesday?

I raced up to Elmwood the day before to meet my mom for two nights of mother/daughter bonding. We canoed, baked pies, star gazed, napped and hung around the red chair for longer than appropriate. We sweated and swam and swatted mosquitoes.

I ceremoniously dug out this little book that belonged to my great great grandmother Ella called The Floral Birthday Book. It's from the 1880s and has a corresponding flower and poem for each day of the year.

July 6th (my very special birthday) is the iris which apparently means "I have a message for you". Funnily enough, I do have a message for you.

I think you're really smart and funny and wonderful and I can't wait to spend my 26th year with you. (In a metaphysical way, at least).

Shelf. Take two.

It recently dawned on me that I've stopped showing you my stuff. You know, the stuff that I've been buying lately. Old stuff. Did you think I was just not buying stuff? Because HA. No. I will continue to buy stuff till there is no stuff left to buy. (personal mission.)

I bought this old shelf made from sewing spools and really heavy gauge wire a few visits to Maryland back. I splurged on it and by splurged I mean it cost more than $30. I've had a serious weakness for spool furniture for the past few years, the real good, old handmade stuff is pretty tricky to find.

It's holding half of my dead horse bay bottles and a few other not too special thingies I use for flowers. The good stuff is mostly not on here because, hello, I'm still traumatized from the last shelf that was in this same spot. Serious heavy duty hardware this time. And if it falls again, I promise, you will be the first person to witness my burning shame in all of its glory.