Thomas James

Our family's resident...

- baker of bread

- propagator of plants

- wearer of flannel

- crocheter of hats

- hiker of overly long hikes

- tender of hound dogs

- whittler of walking sticks

- practicer of yoga

- painter of watercolors

- reader of tolkien

- feeder of humingbirds

- hooker of fishing worms

- handler of all things heavy and dirty and slimy and bureaucratic and boring and financial and car related.

He is the brain behind the operation and the horsepower to our family's wagon. He's a good man, that dad of mine.


  1. ...This is so sweet! Your dad sounds like one heckuva guy!

    ...Happy Father's Day to him!

    ...Blessings... :o)

  2. what a fantastic photo!

  3. wow,he crochets? plus the other additives u have here? lucky u!

  4. Sounds like he's really creative and sensitive - they are great qualities in a man. You are very lucky!

  5. Hey... I liked that shirt.... I wonder is that photo taken in the Delaware Water Gap? Beautiful..... If you went and looked at that river today, would it be the same river??? I think so....

  6. A good Man indeed! philosopher, poet, but most of all...goofball dad.

    I guessed this picture was taken when we rented a log cabin along the banks of the river in Berkeley Springs, you were just an teansie little thing. But maybe it is the Delaware Water Gap,Dad would know better than I.

  7. You forgot one...

    - Maker of blog readers to weep.

    Or maybe that was you.

  8. How sweet was that! What a nice way to show your love for your dad.

    I love the way you write. I always look forward to a new post from you... It puts a smile on my face every time!

  9. i'm betting he is also digger of worms, a skill my gramma taught her grandkids was necesary anytime one had a worry to get worried out. your dad surely comes from such stock as well.

    way cool,


  10. Also, I suspect:

    - raiser of lovely gals