Step into my office

Little known fact- when it comes to computer stuff, I work exclusively from bed. I have a big old 700 sq foot apartment all to myself, with an eat-in kitchen, living room, office and bedroom but I can't kick the bed habit. Decadent, yes?

A week or two ago I got this pillow in the mail from Liane at enhabiten. It's made from an antique crazy quilt and its revolutionized my office. Even as I type this, I'm cozied up to that quilt and that pillow. This is where this (gestures frantically to your open internet browser) happens. You know, the magic and all that.

Rolling Homes, the sequel.

Remember this book that belonged to my mom? I still haven't found my own copy. I know it's got to be out there somewhere, sitting in a used book store with a $7 price tag. The thought of paying $50 on amazon or ebay is less appealing. Cheating, if you will.

Rolling Homes: Handmade Houses on Wheels

Rolling Homes: Handmade Houses on Wheels

Rolling Homes: Handmade Houses on Wheels

Rolling Homes: Handmade Houses on Wheels

Rolling Homes: Handmade Houses on Wheels

Rolling Homes: Handmade Houses on Wheels

When I visited my folks last week, I pulled out my mom's copy and took photos of nearly every home in the book. You can see them all here. This book still hits me hard, it was my favorite to look through as a kid and dream about all the wonderful places I'd go in my pickup truck turned Conestoga wagon. Sadly, my life's taken a turn for the more.... stationary and responsible.

But there's still hope, I'm only 25. I have many adult years ahead to shirk off "responsibilities", "student loans" and "income taxes" in my rolling home. The future looks bright.

Bridal bouquet

There's a certain terror that comes with handing over a bouquet to a bride. You want it to be perfect and her to love it etc... but she normally just looks a little shell shocked. She's thinking, Oh shit. This is really happening. In like 20 minutes. You're thinking, Oh god. Please say you love the flowers.

It's funny. I've only done it twice now, but it's pretty amazing to witness that moment in a stranger's life.

This week I made my first ever bridal bouquet and I was internally hyperventilating the whole time. But Sarah is an amazing teacher. Seriously, she could teach a rock to arrange flowers beautifully.

Did you know she and Nicolette teach flower arranging classes at the shop? During the class, I man the front while cadres of cool girls line up and drink bubbly and play with flowers in the studio. Then I take photos of their arrangements and secretly develop a complex because they're total novices but their arrangements look better than mine would.

The next open class is about combining flowers and herbs in arrangements. Plus you get to plant a window box of herbs for your kitchen. Guaranteed, the best way you'll ever spend a sunday afternoon. I'm sorry, but did I mention champagne? Right. Champagne.

Birthday Foxes

On my mom's birthday we went for a walk to the bay. All was normal till we got charged at by a pair of red foxes. Foxes so close you could have reached out and touched them. On the beach. It was amazing. My camera was put away and I barely had time to pull it out and take the lens cap off, turns out it was on manual. National Geographic, here I don't come.

We were glowing with adrenaline after. It is, without a doubt, in my top 5 favorite wild animal encounters. (Others involve carrying a wounded fawn and having a bullfrog jump into my kayak.) My mom immediately asked me if I was going to blog about it. The Merricks operate on the birthday month principle, so whatever mamma merrick wants, mamma merrick gets. Til jan. 31st.

My favorite

I bought this dress on ebay for the price of a steak dinner and a bottle of wine. When I opened the package, I swayed in place. My cheeks flushed. When I tried it on, I went light-headed.

I am beyond taken with this dress. Far and away, my favorite of favorites.


Tomorrow is my mom's birthday. Micha and I are about to race down to Maryland to surprise her, last minute, of course. I'm not packed and don't think i'll even bring anything other than my camera and toothbrush. Got to run and beat rush hour traffic. Happy Birthday mom, see you soonish!

* Her internet is broken, so she won't be able to read this till after the fact. I was born to be sneaky.

10 weeks left and counting down

I've reached the point in mid-winter where I start getting cranky about having to put on my coat when I leave the house. I'm bored of boots and heavy socks are weighing on my soul.

Clothing anxiety aside, it's hard to suffer the usual winter misery when all day, every day you're working with flowers. Two weeks ago, I referred to some flowering quince branches as our "first quince of spring". Sarah sort of chuckled and said "umm, spring?". Oh right, the first quince of winter.

The shop has some amazing, riotous brights this weekend. Kumquats, oranges, hyacinth (oh the smell!) and velvety raspberry snapdragons. See why I get my seasons confused?

Winter has been good to me. I've become partial to dying tulips. Semi-dried ranunculus fill my kitchen table. I'm propagating miniature duckfoot ivy like there's no tomorrow. I've even managed to successfully BLOOM a cheapy grocery store rose bush inside my apartment. I'm wearing dresses again. Spring is ahead of schedule, if only because I'm willing it so.


The main problem with sticking one's hand in frozen wet cement is that your hand will be covered in frozen wet cement.

This I learned the hard way outside the shop. And in retrospect, I'm a bit too easy to track down, even without cement smudged all over me.

Erie Basin

True fact- I have a secret and repressed jewelery fetish. I don't wear any jewelery at all because of a highly developed tomboy streak and my humorously Amish fear of self ornamentation. Okay, I wear a watch and own a single ring. That I do not wear anymore.

Behind this closeted jewelery obsession is a store. A store that spins out a sticky spiderweb of irresistible impossibilities so dizzying even a seasoned antiquer needs to hold on to her hat. Erie Basin, how I love you.

Grace Bonney got me this little 1930s celluloid compass button for christmas and my heart jumped about ten feet in the air. Me? Own something from theee Erie Basin? I'm inching toward, nay, resolving to take the jewelery plunge this year. Just like I'm resolving to go eat some ice cream now.


Twenty-ten. Two thousand and ten. Two Zero One Zero.

I spent last night at Ginny's. Confetti everywhere. Wore a fancy old dress, kissed my sister and best friends at midnight, waltzed around in a party hat and drank champagne out of a little plastic champagne flute. Ate raspberries and cookies and whipped cream by the spoonful. Died of happiness.

This past year was very good to me and I'm so happy I was able to share it with you. In 2010 I promise to be on time, tame my cats, wash dishes as soon as I finish with them, take lots of classes, practice the guitar, bake more pies and not beat myself up if I don't give this list a second thought after today.