Dear folks,

You guys have been so unbelievably sweet and sincere and charming about my accident that I'm at a complete loss as to how to respond to such kindness.


I had wanted to write a post where I was able to thoughtfully express how I'm really not brave at all and how touching your comments were. But I couldn't find words eloquent enough. So instead I'm forced to just give you a big old fashioned thank you.

yours sincerely,



  1. you are lovely.
    and you are welcome.
    and your hands are beautiful.

  2. I love when the blogging community rounds up to send positive energy and thoughts!!! Proof that love always outweighs the bad.

    Sending you my love and positive energy!!!

  3. I am sorry that I am reading about your accident now instead of when u posted it.. In all truth I think u knew u were grieving which is natural.. Glad u came out of that cloud, I bet the accident put sooo many things into perspective for you.. You are strong...

  4. sometimes a thank you is just the ticket. and anyway you're most welcome.

  5. I wondered how you would respond to all the love and good wishes and you did it with the grace and sincerity that you do...just enough and not too much. Perfect.


  6. Amy, I remembered the love between mother & daughter which poured forth after your Mum's accident. In a way it was her accident which was the catalyst for your previous post...hope you are both doing well. I feel certain in my own heart that you are. Take special care x

  7. I think this is one of the best things about the internet community - they're always ready to send positive messages of healing. Stay strong!

  8. I think your a rock star! I'm so terribly sorry about your accident. But I'm glad your ok and able to be hear today to share your story.

  9. Your story is one of inspiration and I'm so glad you shared it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  10. I too just read your story. Thank you for sharing. My husband and I both ride motorcycles and there is always that fear in the back of my mind. You are a wonderful person and I'm glad you were given the chance to relay your story to us.

  11. Sometimes saying a simple "thank you" is the best thing to do :)

  12. Hello!!!

    I am new on your blog and want to get lost in this lovely creation.

    A huge bag of loves. Keep well...

  13. Thank you for sharing your story... I use to read your blog everyday, I'm not very present with comments but I red everything about you ;)
    I think you are very strong to explain so honestly your experience, that's a good good example for everybody.
    Huges from Italy.. :)
    Lara Kasabian

  14. ...Simplicity is good.

    ...It doesn't matter what you have or don't have, it's your spirit that matters. Your spirit resonates thru this site and it is warm and inviting, like an old friend.

    ...Blessings to you... :o)

  15. Thank you.

    I think you're exceedingly brave.

  16. Deeply moving.
    I am touched the ambiance of your photographs. And your writing is haunting (in a good way)

    *hugs* from Paris,
    x x x

  17. You deserve all the kindness showered on you. You bring out the best in yourself and other people, that is clear!

    Maybe you don't think you're brave and being called that makes you uncomfortable. But compared to us... You are one very determined lady.

    We love you!

  18. Your photo speaks of the heart you carry...

  19. I am passing along a "Heartfelt Award" to you. Please see my blog today

    and have a blessed day.

  20. I just read that post, and it is so incredibly brave to share your story with us. I would never be humble enough to think "it could be worse" because I would be too preoccupied with how bad it still was. You're such an inspiration!


  21. You are sweet, sincere and charming.
    We miss you!