My dear papa

Happy Fathers Day! I wish I could be home to bring you a cup of tea and sit out on porch and talk plants. I love you Thomas, TJ, Tommy boy, pappy woodchuck.

And in the grand tradition of An Apple a Day, here are 10 reasons why my dad is amazing....

1. He worked as a hippie bread baker in Rochester, NY. We never went without homemade bread as kids. And I'm talking real homemade bread, no bread machine stuff.

2. In the morning he wakes up early, does yoga and meditates, then writes in a journal. Every single day!

3. Born and bred in New York City, he still managed to grow up a Daniel Boone of sorts. Trapping squirrels and reading Walden by age 8.

4. A true civil servant, he writes and reviews grants advocating for the mentally ill for a living. He is one of those people that go to work everyday and changes peoples lives for the better.

5. He makes homemade pickles and beer.

6. He plays the flute and the harmonica. Both with equal aplomb.

7. He crochets amazing berets. And wears them with those old school crocheted ties, with plaid shirts and tweedy jackets.

8. He is master gardener. One year he grew enough tomatoes to feed all of Maryland and he let Micha and I have our own farm stand.

9. He is an avid radio listener. We drove 2+ hours together to and from school and on the way there we'd listen to NPR and on the way home, we'd belt out oldies. Build Me Up Buttercup was a favorite. His only rule in the car? No sleeping!

10. He learned to french braid just so he could do my hair. Our favorite style was crisscrossing Heidi braids with flowers.

This man has taught me how to fish, hike a mountain, canoe alone, cook a turkey, re pot a plant, make a homemade pie crust, train a puppy, build a campfire with no paper (or lighter fluid!), drive a stick shift, tell a good story, tell a funny joke and turn strangers into friends.

Some days I can barely believe my good luck at having such a great papa. And today is one of those days.


  1. he sounds amazing!!
    only wish my dad could have been as great as yours!

  2. Plus Tom is a walking encyclopedia, avid life long learner, amazing bonsai artist, delicate orchid grower,practical in that he changes the oil in our cars religiously. He's totally non materialistic (unlike me) and has the integrity and judgement of a saint. A cross between Ghandi, Thoreau and Lincoln, yet can be a total goof ball at exactly the right times.

    "Do your favorite leap!"

  3. Lovely Dad, gorgeous Mum, adorable daughter!!

  4. he is a good guy, through and through!

  5. Amy, you are so inspiring. I love that you take the time to express and share the things that mean so much to you (and me.)

    I'd like to add some of my favorite things about Thomas...

    Dad is deeply empathic, very sensitive. A great storyteller.
    He has a way of distilling, from the most commonplace of occurrences, the purest essence of what is profound and meaningful.

  6. Your parents seem like characters straight out of some romantic novel. It's like Laura Ingalls Wilder books set in present-day.

  7. Wouldn't you know that my mom read all of the "little house" books out loud to Micha and I. It was our favorite pretend game, making corn husk dolls and eating snow with maple syrup. Attending imaginary barn raisings. I, for one, was always obsessed with their churning butter and salted meat. So weird!

  8. Oh, he does sound amazing.

  9. Wow. Your dad sounds like a dream! I got all choked up reading about how he learned to french braid so he could do your hair. I think that is the sweetest thing ever.
    Oh, and the Little House books- yes to the snow with maple syrup and salted meat! She made it all sound so good! I also really wanted a pig's bladder balloon ball- wasn't that what they played with in Little House in the Big Woods?

  10. this is the sweetest... it made me cry! i just found your blog (via design_sponge twiiter) and read that post. just darling!! can't wait to read more!

  11. No sleeping seems like an unfair rule to me, especially when you are a kid and fatigued. But whatever...

  12. Well, clearly we could sleep in the car on trips and stuff.

    He didn't like us to sleep in the car on the way home from high school. He thought it would make us groggy when it came time to do homework. So, i was 18, if that makes you feel a bit less like a was an abused child.

    Thanks for worrying about my fatigue, very kind of you!

  13. Thank goodness for Blogs of Note, which led me here!

    You are so fortunate, and you are aware of your good fortune - which makes you doubly blessed!


  14. I know that I am reading this waay late... but your dad is amazing. You are also very inspirational which is why I have been reading into your blog today. Next month, I will be making the scariest decision of my life and jumping head first into working for myself. I have thought about it for 7 years and was just too scared to do it until now. The thought of babysitting for one more family has (thankfully) forced me into it! I can relate to your blog very well. It is nice to see that you are successful now (even though I know how busy you are to make it happen) Thank you for your honesty. Best, Barbara p.s. Your flower arrangements are beautiful and outstanding! I enjoy seeing them popping up on Instagram:)