My alter ego

Have you ever wondered what your cartoon alter ego would look like?

The person you'd hope to be if you could just finally grow up and stop eating cereal for dinner for weeks on end? You, but just slighter better, like if you always flossed and finished the books you started reading?

Ladies and Gents, here I am, or here I would be, in my dream world where I never kill plants and always am wearing cute Victorian boots.

This darling drawing was done by the unbelievably talented kindred spirit, Caesareo Ruiz! My dress, my terrariums, too bad I don't actually have that hat!

Oh, how I love this boy and I haven't even met him.


  1. Yup, he's a good one.
    He's imagination is magic!

  2. Just found your blog! Loving it.

    What a sweet drawing. I like how it's entitled Wellesley gal. I almost went to Wellesley. A few of my friend did, although none of them ever made any terrariums.

  3. Yeah.. she's you... you're on your way.. I really like the viney, dangly flower stalk...
    How'd you do that?