Lemonade stand

Who wants to join me in having a lemonade stand this summer?

For inspiration, check out these adorable Williamsburg girls. They seemed to make a killing yesterday, judging by the fact they had already run out of lemonade by the time I got there.

The hand painted portraits of each of the sellers are just so perfect.

This is Matilda, the painter of the sign. She was so funny and sweet, it made me wish I could be 10 years old again just so I could scoop her up as a best friend.

Plus, she is amazingly creative and a precocious business woman. Not a bad combination to have on your side in middle school.


  1. get OUT!

    that sign is beyond perfect. i'm so proud of them. way to bring it, girls.

  2. This is... BY FAR... the very cutest lemon aid stand I've EVER EVER seen. Please go buy a drink for me and tell them so.

    Move over Martha Stewart, the next generation has named their business and Craft Queen.

  3. Man, these lil' ladies aren't messin around, SO ADORABLE! Can't wait until Clover is of lemonade stand age!

  4. why didn't i stumble upon this magic!? so so cute. i hope they are set up all summer so that i have a chance to catch a glimpse and maybe we can even get a sip of lemonade!!