Fountain pens

Some people are crazy about pens. They write with one specific brand of pen or they are on the constant hunt for their next big thing pen.

I am not one of those people.

That being said, it's not totally true. In college I got to using the pilot varsity, the best of the best disposable fountain pens. It is truly a gateway pen that got me hooked on fountain pens for life. Anything to help transform my lowly chicken scratch to slightly less scratchy chicken scratch.

This past month I was gifted one of the best surprises in a long time, a green celluloid fountain pen.... from the 50's? 60's? Who knows, who cares. I've got a new book of (amazing!!) stamps and with my pretty refilled pen I can finally write some thank-you's I've been neglecting. First up? A note to the giver of the pen, of course.


  1. how sweet! i would love to an old fountain pen, something for me to hunt for. Aren't those stamps fab? I was in the post office this weekend with emily and I made her buy me a sheet, b/c I had no money on me at the time. i paid her back of course, but i can't wait to send a note to some special someones.

  2. Oh, my that pen is so cute. I am not a crazy about pens either, but this one is adorable!

    I love your blog! I added you to my favorite blog list! Check out my blog when you get a chance :)



  3. you got me totally hooked on fountain pens! hands down, when you drew the sketch for my wedding signs. and petey got hooked. and now everyone at work tries to steal them from me!

    and i was frantically checking the stamp website for those to launch...
    they really need to keep on churning out good love stamps.

  4. oooh, I love fountain pens! my mom gave me one when I was in 8th grade. It had all these different colored inks, and my favorite was when you switched them and the new and old inks blended and made the letters change colors. It broke at somepoint in college (ink EVERYWHERE) but this post has inspired me to seek out a new one!

  5. Where oh where did you find those notecards? They are GORGEOUS.

  6. I've just popped over from Camp Comfort, and am so glad to have found your blog.

    I'm a pen fanatic, but I've not tried fountain pens yet ... maybe I should reconsider.

    I'm echoing Katie Watts's question above: where are those lovely, lovely postcards from?

  7. The postcards are amazing free adverts from a lovely antique store in Williamsburg called Luddite. So amazing, right?

  8. Great post and amazing blog. Thanks for your inspiration; it's infectious (but not like a disease or anything!). I'm a huge fountain pen freak, and really enjoyed seeing your uncle's drafting assignments from college in the early 1900's no less ... wow. remarkable. Congrats on your Blog of Note!