A big, little moment

I don't even know what to say about Ginny's wedding this weekend. Words are not enough.

Pictures might be able to tell the tale, except that I cried my way through the important parts and forgot to take any. All I can say is, Ginny and Ed, you pulled it off. The best wedding ever.

And not because the ceremony was sob inducing (which is was) or the bride was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen (and she was). It wasn't the invitations, the food, the 1920's flapper accessories. Or even the dolled up guests. It wasn't the baby farm animals or the mint juleps or the old-timey photo Polaroid station. Although all of these things were, in fact, absolutely, divinely perfect.

It had more to do with the fact that when they said "I do" the whole state of Georgia crackled with electricity. It was a moment bigger than the Grand Finale on the Fourth of July. Bigger than New Years in Times Square. Bigger than Halley's Comet.

It a big, big moment in a little field, on a little farm, in Georgia.


  1. that was the most beautiful thing i have ever read. i am sitting on my loveseat, in our tiny new york apartment. crying my eyes out. thank you amy merrick. thank you for all your hard work (unpaid) effort that made this wedding so special. i am grateful for you everyday.

  2. I just can't wait to see all the lovely details! It sounded so special!

  3. Ohhhh I want to see pictures, it sounds lovely!

  4. It was AMAZING, people! The most romantic thing I've ever seen!

  5. I agree! So very romantic and unforgettable. You could feel the love there at Serenbe Farms all weekend long! Also, I lucked out and got the best roommie for the weekend. I miss it already, and I miss you- do you have time this coming week for the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens? I forgot all about our date this week.

  6. Yes, I'm still planning on till on tuesday at the gardens! Let's get Chelsea and Emily to come, too. I told Ginny but I don't know if she has off.