Pastry therapy

I have been a truly horrible blogger. I am so sorry.

Since I posted last, I have.....

1. Amicably split with my man. So there's been a lot of boo hooing even though it's what we both wanted. All for the best, my friends. All for the best.

2. Orchestrated his last minute move out, needless to say, my house is in shambles.

3. Became a single mother to our kitties. They are having a hard time adjusting and are showing their displeasure by scratching me much more the usual.

4. Started a new (and AMAZING!) job. More details to follow soon.

5. Lost internet for going on 5 days now (furtively typing this at new job, sorry Sarah!).

5. Spent nearly 50 hours working nonstop for Ginnys amazing wedding. Busy is good, very good.

No time for wallowing, but also no time for blogging. For that, I apologize.

On a happy note, Kristi and I shot these to die for ham and cheese turnovers from The Blue Stove in Williamsburg. I swear, it's going to be my personal mission to ensure that this place thrives. So freaking good.

Lord knows in times like these how much pastries help.


  1. Oh wow! So many changes for you!! It sounds like an exciting (though obviously a little challenging) time for you! I am absolutely loving all your styling projects. These turnovers look SO GOOD! I look forward to hearing about your new job and just can't wait to see the wedding photos of Ginny's!

  2. Don't think the ailment exists that some form of baked delicacy can't improve. Hope all settles soon.

  3. i've never had a ham and cheese turnover, but it sounds right up my alley. a worthwhile personal mission, in my opinion.

  4. Hang in there! I love your blog.

  5. Oh dearest, so sorry to hear about the beau. From what little snippets I picked up, it seemed like you two were very well suited for one another.

    Meanwhile, the Single Girls Club welcomes you with open arms. I am one of its ambassadors!

  6. aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh y'all went to the bakery! take me take me!!!!! and let me declare to all the folks in the blogosphere, this girl has been instrumental in the planning and executing of this wedding. i would have been rambling in an insane asylum, incessantly talking about mome raths if it weren't for her and miss chelsea cook. thank you sweet amy.

  7. So sorry it sounds like you've had a rollercoaster of a ride recently - hope you're feeling good. At least summer is on its way, which is always something to cheer up anyone!

  8. congratulations on your new job! and sorry to hear about your break-up -- they are always so hard -- but then things get so much better and happier, and you have amazing love and good times ahead! xoxo

  9. Hang in there lady, I am sad to say that I'm going through a similar situation. We'll all get through it though.

  10. Those ham and cheese turnovers look amazing! I am so hungry now! haha