My sweet mom

Happy mothers day!

I wish I could toast you a piece of health nut and go on a walk to the bay this morning. Your day late dollar short package will be there soon. I love you and am itching to see you!

And now, 10 reasons why my mom is amazing.

1. She went to Woodstock.... at 17.... in a white lace Victorian dress.... and went skinny dipping!

2. She keeps hand knit socks with her at all times. If you so much as give her a kind word, she will give you a pair. She has given out probably 400 socks.

3. She knows the names of every tree and wildflower.

4. She is a sign language interpreter for the deaf.

5. She is wildly beautiful, now more than ever. Whenever I tell her this, she gets all ruffled and says no, it's what's on the inside that counts. (Yeah, I know, but you're a hot mom, too. I'd say she's a 57 year old MILF but she'd be mortified if she knew what it meant.)

6. She knows how to make a sweat lodge.

7. She makes the BEST crab cakes I've ever tasted. And I grew up in Maryland.

8. After 40+ years of yoga, she has a amazing headstand. I however, cannot do one.

9. She raises doves on a spare screened porch turned aviary.

10. She once converted a 30 ft. 1920's wooden luxury yacht into an apartment. Not on the water, but in the woods.

*She is the heart and soul of our family.


  1. Sweet words...She sounds like an amazing lady!

  2. Aw.. she sounds so amazing!!

  3. It's amazing how much you two look alike. This and you and her are precious. I'm missing my mom too today!

  4. 11. She used to sleep in a snoopy t-shirt.

  5. I KNOW! I wish I had that darn tee shirt!

  6. Yup, I'm crying like baby in the hotel computer lounge. I miss you!

  7. I have never in my whole life (61 years) ever read, or heard anyone ever say such wonderful words about their Mother. Not only is she probably all that and more but you, you are a wholesomely fantastic daughter. I'll bet you don't know that you are probably just exactly like her. It shows in your writing. How very fortunate that she is to have the wonderful daughter that she raised. May you do the same for your beautiful children!

  8. what a sweet post! and that photo is beautiful

  9. I'm speechless. You are such a dear!
    How can i thank you? Hmmm maybe by stating 10 things i love about you, that would be easy 'cuz there's a bizzillion things to choose from. (OK I promise not to reveal embarrassing secrets meant only for mother's and daughters!)

    1. I respect your sense of responsibility and sensibility.
    2. I admire your hutspah, your ability to speak up for yourself.
    3. You don't bullshit. You're totally honest and trustworthy.
    4. You are remarkably resilient.
    5. I treasure that you have a deep sense of heritage and family legacy.
    6. You have always been tender hearted to tiny critters and green growing things.
    7. Your teachers would whisper to you that you were their favorite!
    8. It delights my mother's heart that have an inate abilty to find wonderful friends where ever you go. (friends and mates are sooo important in life. You know how to pick quality)
    9. I love your sense of style. Writing. Decorating. Reinventing. Creating something from nothing. (like shelves from antique bed rails)
    10. I love your individuality. Your acceptance of who you are and your willingness to grow and learn and love.

    These are all character kind of things, instead of specifics. I want to make a whole new list of wonderful things you have done... Like devoting 4 days with your sister to totally redo my kitchen in the hot and sweaty summer heat!

    It is i who am awed to have YOU in my life. I love you forever!

  10. what beautiful love you two have! i just lvoe that she wrote 10 things back! that is so touching!!!

  11. You are incredibly blessed. I know you know that. And instead of being insanely jealous I am very very happy for you. And a little jealous:)

  12. Your mom is so sweet!


  13. I wonder how the cats sit
    Under plant's misted lip
    Further north will I'll be
    Soon after leaving Fordham
    The light is full of water falling to
    Until night and tomorrow in Gram's pad,
    Then be back in Brooklyn.

    The computer and the list will always be present
    Up there, you will be
    Continually updated today
    And then tomorrow.
    _ ____ ___ . .... ... - ---- ---

  14. She sounds amazing :) That picture is beautiful!

  15. One question, well actually two: Does your mom have a blog? If so, where might I find it?

  16. Everything about this is just too beautiful for words :)

  17. Ok... time for the 10 touchable things i love about Amy!

    1. Amy is my God Mother.
    Crazy but true!

    2. She likes to splash in rain puddles when released from a hospital in a foreign country.

    3. She has gone as far away as Figi and New Zealand; yet loves to come home again.

    4. Picture her working in a Honduran orphanage with 96 bright eyed little boys hugging her. SO SWEET!

    5. Amy taught me to knit and makes cable socks way better than i can (with her 7 1/2 fingers). Plus she has knit her own bathing suits.
    OHH LA LA!

    6.She volunteered at Ground Zero with me several times... uncomfortable for her... because the cops and firefighters kept asking her out.
    (It was she who had to put out their fires!)

    7. Amy is such an incredible dancer, it would make you cry to watch her.

    8. She can spontaniously recite Shakespeare sonnets and soliloquies with great passion and precision.

    9. Amy designed and constructed her own prom gowns.

    10. Even in Utero, Amy was kind to me, no morning sickness and let me ride horses up until she was born. Maybe that's why she popped out in the doctor's office instead of the hospital! (What a wonderful welcome to this world!)

    11. Amy was my greatest comfort when my Dad died this year. Sniff...

    12. She sends me exquite antique hankies in the mail. Perfect timing for the very day i need to interpret Romeo and Juliet. (How did she know it'd need it!?!)

    13 OOps , I can't count to 10... but she can...her check book balances (unlike mine)

    14. She can drive a stick shift car, change electrical wires on an old lamp and use all kinds of power tools. She's a regular Rosie the Riveter!

    15. Amy has never caused a motor accident or gotten a speeding ticket, or needed to be "punished" in any way, at home or away.

    16. She holds me accountable for too much clutter in my house.

    17. Amy found the perfect dog for me after months of researching online.
    A "special needs" toy poodle from the NYC pound. How could i live with out my Little Miss Muffit?!

    18. She painted her room to look like a forest with her sister.

    19. Got paid $10 for every A on her report card and made me go broke!

    20. Graduated FIT with high honors

    21. Went to an audition entry high school for the performing arts, was first pick in her division. (What a lucky skunk to go to such an incredible school)(just thinking about it makes ME jealous!)

    22. Won the county science fair, best out of 300 environmental exhibits. They gave a her $50 bond. (Amy, I still have it, if you want to cash it.)

    23. Amy hand paints postcards and mails them. SO Very cute!

    24. Amy is someone I choose for a very best friend.

    25. Happy Almost Birthday Amy!
    Since you are turning 25, i decided to say 25 things that i love about you... before i go "Back into hiding!"

  18. Yikes!!!
    Forgive me for unabashedly bragging about our Amy. That's not what her blog is about. I've overstepped the boundaries and realize this is NOT what you all want to read.

    Bet your moms jump at the chance to sing your praises too. ( When you have kids... you'll understand this temptation)

    Thanks for your patience!

  19. Oh, mom, I thought it was sweet. Don't worry, I'm not offended!

  20. How wonderful, how inspiring, how beautiful is the love between a mother and daughter!
    How blessed you are to have each other and most importantly, to appreciate!
    I'm so happy to have read about your Mum. Special lady!!

  21. This is good. Really good.

  22. Your mom sounds amazing! I would love to meet her! She sounds like someone I would want to model after. No wonder you are so amazing yourself. :-)