Garden lust

Today I got to water the plants in the most beautiful backyard in Williamsburg. With a real hose and everything! Its funny, the unexpected things one misses while living in an apartment. Like hoses. I miss hoses.

So needless to say, I have gardens on the brain, big time. Since I'm not able to have my own, I like to A. volunteer to water other people's and B. read gardening books to prep for when I'll have a space of my own.

These 1920's magazine covers are from one of my all time favorite, dream worthy gardening books, "The Once and Future Gardener".

It contains a collection of magazine gardening articles from 1900-1940, along with old photos, illustrations and a ton of American history info. Amazing.

One day, I'll get my garden and when I do I'm going to have tea parties for all!

*Old fashioned hats required for entry.


  1. Love the quaint drawings. Makes me want to get my hands dirty, planting and hoping, that some day our yard will look so enchanted.

  2. Love the new heading for your blog.
    Welcome back wedding planner.

    Sounds like it was the perfect wedding for sweet Ginny and a dream trip for you!