Cat attack

I almost died when I found this little postcard from 1914 while browsing esty (my new favorite pastime as of late).

She looks JUST like my cranky little Minnie, complete with whiny bad attitude and red silk bow. I think it's her great great great grandmother or something.

And you know how I said the cats weren't being nice to me lately? To be honest, I think it all started with my attempt to reproduce the postcard.

Admittedly, I'm kind of an Elmyra from Tiny Tunes when it comes to kitties. I just want to love and kiss and dress them up in little hats. Yes, I deserve my scratches.

But I am not the only one, even Martha has the same tendencies.


  1. "i want to love them. and hug them. and squeeze them to bitsies!" my mom and i love this quote!

    and kudos to getting that sweet but shy kitty in a big red bow!

  2. My cat started liking me a lot more once I got a puppy and started treating her like the cat she is.

  3. aww shes doesnt seem too happy about it but shes adorable!

  4. I love the Elmyra comment - that's what we call my daughter because she wants to hold or ride every pet we own or just pass on the street!

    Also, your blog is great, I am really anjoying it and have been inspired by it. No pressure but keep it up! :)