Behind on my correspondence

Letters make me happy. And letters filled with things about letters make me ever happier!

The amazing and beautiful Missa sent me a package full of letter themed goodies. Oh how I love this girl.

The highlight may have been this Amy Vanderbilt "How to Handle Your Correspondence" booklet. Complete with delightful tips on how to write an apology letter when your boorish husband behaves badly at a dinner party and what to do when your neighbor's maid gets too chatty. Hysterical.

I'm just dying to get use out of the "Politely Dealing with Neighbors" chapter. Have I mentioned my downstairs neighbor fancies himself a very loud Broadway singer? Oh, yes.


  1. Yay, I love this lil' post!

    So glad you liked it and seriously, is there anything that one cannot find on Amazon? After seeing that someone was selling a copy for 10 cents, I was starting to feel a little jipped on the dollar I paid at the thrift store, haha but then I realized that shipping is like 4 dollars so all is good and I'm such a cheap skate ;)

    Good luck with the neighbor, I hope Miss Vanderbilt can help you out!

  2. This is awesome! I'm totally buying that 40 cent copy on Amazon. I love vintage how-to books!