Garden lust

Today I got to water the plants in the most beautiful backyard in Williamsburg. With a real hose and everything! Its funny, the unexpected things one misses while living in an apartment. Like hoses. I miss hoses.

So needless to say, I have gardens on the brain, big time. Since I'm not able to have my own, I like to A. volunteer to water other people's and B. read gardening books to prep for when I'll have a space of my own.

These 1920's magazine covers are from one of my all time favorite, dream worthy gardening books, "The Once and Future Gardener".

It contains a collection of magazine gardening articles from 1900-1940, along with old photos, illustrations and a ton of American history info. Amazing.

One day, I'll get my garden and when I do I'm going to have tea parties for all!

*Old fashioned hats required for entry.

Cat attack

I almost died when I found this little postcard from 1914 while browsing esty (my new favorite pastime as of late).

She looks JUST like my cranky little Minnie, complete with whiny bad attitude and red silk bow. I think it's her great great great grandmother or something.

And you know how I said the cats weren't being nice to me lately? To be honest, I think it all started with my attempt to reproduce the postcard.

Admittedly, I'm kind of an Elmyra from Tiny Tunes when it comes to kitties. I just want to love and kiss and dress them up in little hats. Yes, I deserve my scratches.

But I am not the only one, even Martha has the same tendencies.

Pastry therapy

I have been a truly horrible blogger. I am so sorry.

Since I posted last, I have.....

1. Amicably split with my man. So there's been a lot of boo hooing even though it's what we both wanted. All for the best, my friends. All for the best.

2. Orchestrated his last minute move out, needless to say, my house is in shambles.

3. Became a single mother to our kitties. They are having a hard time adjusting and are showing their displeasure by scratching me much more the usual.

4. Started a new (and AMAZING!) job. More details to follow soon.

5. Lost internet for going on 5 days now (furtively typing this at new job, sorry Sarah!).

5. Spent nearly 50 hours working nonstop for Ginnys amazing wedding. Busy is good, very good.

No time for wallowing, but also no time for blogging. For that, I apologize.

On a happy note, Kristi and I shot these to die for ham and cheese turnovers from The Blue Stove in Williamsburg. I swear, it's going to be my personal mission to ensure that this place thrives. So freaking good.

Lord knows in times like these how much pastries help.

My sweet mom

Happy mothers day!

I wish I could toast you a piece of health nut and go on a walk to the bay this morning. Your day late dollar short package will be there soon. I love you and am itching to see you!

And now, 10 reasons why my mom is amazing.

1. She went to Woodstock.... at 17.... in a white lace Victorian dress.... and went skinny dipping!

2. She keeps hand knit socks with her at all times. If you so much as give her a kind word, she will give you a pair. She has given out probably 400 socks.

3. She knows the names of every tree and wildflower.

4. She is a sign language interpreter for the deaf.

5. She is wildly beautiful, now more than ever. Whenever I tell her this, she gets all ruffled and says no, it's what's on the inside that counts. (Yeah, I know, but you're a hot mom, too. I'd say she's a 57 year old MILF but she'd be mortified if she knew what it meant.)

6. She knows how to make a sweat lodge.

7. She makes the BEST crab cakes I've ever tasted. And I grew up in Maryland.

8. After 40+ years of yoga, she has a amazing headstand. I however, cannot do one.

9. She raises doves on a spare screened porch turned aviary.

10. She once converted a 30 ft. 1920's wooden luxury yacht into an apartment. Not on the water, but in the woods.

*She is the heart and soul of our family.

Behind on my correspondence

Letters make me happy. And letters filled with things about letters make me ever happier!

The amazing and beautiful Missa sent me a package full of letter themed goodies. Oh how I love this girl.

The highlight may have been this Amy Vanderbilt "How to Handle Your Correspondence" booklet. Complete with delightful tips on how to write an apology letter when your boorish husband behaves badly at a dinner party and what to do when your neighbor's maid gets too chatty. Hysterical.

I'm just dying to get use out of the "Politely Dealing with Neighbors" chapter. Have I mentioned my downstairs neighbor fancies himself a very loud Broadway singer? Oh, yes.

Off the wagon

Sadly, I think my minimalist moment has ended and I am shopping again. Dear lord, how did this happen?! I was doing so good for a while.

Oh right. It was the thrift store blue and white china. At least these were only a buck.

I'm not normally a huge fan of souvenir plates, but this one is from New Hampshire so I couldn't pass it up even if I wanted to. Which I didn't.

I think I fell for the back of the plate more than I did for the front. Not the first time nor the last.

Yesterday I roped Kristi into shooting a little blue and white table spread. It started off as something completely different and I kept on adding some blue in between shots, till, POOF... It was all about the blue and white.

As always.

With love from...

Okay, okay. I know I said no more buying until I can take care of what I already own, but I slipped. I couldn't help it.

I want to be the kind of Amy who sits in wheelbarrows and wears pompom shoes! In 1903!

And her message on the back says "Thank you for the pretty postcard." Bought on etsy from the lovely Sherry.