Those days

It's just one of those days. Grey sky, pouring rain, warm enough to not be wearing a proper winter coat and cold enough to make you utterly miserable.

Don't get me wrong, I think rain is very romantic and dreary skies sometimes make me feel like Catherine from Wuthering Heights. But when you get caught in a torrential downpour with armfuls of groceries the fantasy just Poof! disappears.

My advice? Tuck into the local diner and wait it out.

With coffee and bacon.

That didn't take too long, now did it.

All dry, all happy. Until the afternoon rolls around and you have to stare down Turbo Tax.

The cruelest month, indeed.


  1. love the photos! spring is on it's way to you!

  2. mmm... breakfast foods make my stomach so happy and cozy-feeling.

    received your postcard the other day- on my birthday to boot! my boyf, who is an amateur Toronto history-buff, was absolutely enamored with the postcard. We managed to make out the writing and the original author of the postcard was complaining about his trip to Toronto and saying that it was cold and not a very good place to stay. Oh well, you can't please them all. And perhaps Septembers in 1928 were exceptionally cold? Not hardy Canadian folk, that's for sure.

    thanks again! mail is delightful. I would love to return the favour, so send me your address if you'd like some goodies!

  3. Oh man, I had snow here today. Your advice looks great, though!

    I got some mail from you this past weekend. I'm planning on including it in a post sometime soon-- thanks again!

  4. Well, Miss Cathrine on a rainy day, looks like you and Edger had a lovely brunch. Funny, I've been referencing Wuthering Heights all week but I'm trying to cut back. I've got too many Heathcliffs in my rear-view mirror and I'd rather keep the unhappy endings at bay. Looks like you got the right idea, find the beauty in simple reality... do what makes you happy. love you

  5. Oh that sounds so nice and cozy. Do you like Wuthering Heights? My loving mother is reading it right now and hating it, I'm waiting for her to finish to read it but I would love to know what you think.

  6. would you give me the pleasure of being my date to the Grey Gardens Screening?

  7. i forgot what sausage looks like, darn the veggie shield!