Squeezed Dry

Now I know why my beloved fresh squeezed orange juice is so wildly expensive. It takes a ton of oranges and creates a massive sticky mess.

Oh but it's worth it.

Now if I can just get myself to slow down while drinking it, I'm a criminal gulper.


  1. I test-drove a juicer last weekend and can vouch for its awesomeness!

  2. my fiance owns a beautiful vintage hand press juicer that was his grandmothers. it works great and is so easy to clean. I can see it in your kitchen!

  3. oh my friend and I used to squeeze oranges every day at his cafe. It was tedious work but worth every drop!

    And it is exciting that the trees have flowers on them again. But the sun just doesn't seem to want to come out this month.
    Hope you're well, dear.


  4. Good idea!!! Excellent posting!!! Have a nice weekend!!!

  5. Delicious! The only thing that's even more effort (and even more lovely) in my opinion is fresh homemade lemonade.

  6. I'm a criminal gulper too! I wish I could savour my orange juice and all my juicy drinks, but I can't!! Louise