I scream

It was 90 degrees in Brooklyn today. Phew, I'm not ready for this quite yet. Thank god for ice cream, otherwise I'd be a sweaty, cranky mess.

Fittingly Brooklyn's own Koolman garage is finally open for the season. I love walking to work with the hopes that I'll get a peak inside, it always makes my day when I catch the trucks all lined up and waiting to go.

My dad was an ice cream man in the late 60's while studying at Temple in Philly. He drove a Good Humor truck and was the only driver that could be convinced to take the Camden, New Jersey route.

He says that the kids would chase him down the street and take flying leaps onto the back of his truck to try to steal ice cream.

(A move which I would totally try if I was just a tad more nimble.)


  1. How cool that your dad drove an ice cream truck!! btw love the photograph of the Koolman garage, or should that be Ko lman...

    We had high temps here in Toronto yesterday and then howling gusting winds and slashing rain. Back to normal weather today and I hear we're in for the hot temps again tomorrow. Mother nature is just a "tad" confused!!

  2. oh wow, that is an amazing story!

  3. I was walking (or my swollen feet were attempting to carry me) to Grand Central Station last evening, and I caught a glimpse of an icecream truck "lady" peeking her head out of the truck looking for business. They may have a busy summer, judging from the weather lately. Yay!

  4. Aww, Mister Softee, how I'll miss him! 'Round here, a man just wheels a cart around and rings a little bell.

  5. I am very fond of ice cream truck drivers. I remember my sister and I saving coins to buy "paletas" as we call popsicles back in my home country of Honduras. I love ice cream despite my intolerance *cough cough* There's also something vintage aboout ice cream trucks. <3