Care package

You know you've been a naughty blogger when someone emails you and says "Are you ok? You haven't been blogging". Woops. Busted. It's true, I've been in a funk. Hopefully, it's over.

I've been hitting the post office a lot these days (it's a secret as to why!) and I've been in desperate need of good mailers.

Luckily Ginny introduced me to Caremail, a neat company that makes recycled packing supplies; tape, bubble mailers, boxes, packing peanuts. And the kind I needed cost less than 50 cents a piece!

That even beats my local dollar store.

Plus as I've said before, I'm hopeless devoted to the brown paper package/string concept so I adore them on that front, too. They even came tied up with their own recycled twine.

Just in case you need to smack some stamps down on your recycled mailer, take note. May 11th postage will be raised another 2 cents.

Now I'm very very excited about having an excuse to shop from the additional postage section of the USPS website.

For some reason lots of the additional postage stamps are of really neat antiques. Which is fine by me, of course.

A toleware coffee pot? A Chippendale chair? A roman numeral clock? They'd all look very handsome next to Edgar Allen, if I do say so myself.


  1. Those are fantastic mailers. I need to think of something to mail.

  2. Amy fills the best packages. With her good eye, she always knows what will make someone happy.

  3. Well watch out, mich. My good eye is sending you something today. In one of these mailers!