Hat recycling

You can tell when I'm ready for the current season to be over when I start getting fidgety about hats. Last week I was dying to whip out my beloved straw hat collection again. No, Amy, not yet. Several more months to go.

In the meantime, I'm entertaining myself by cutting apart proper felt hats, the kind I should be wearing on a 20 degree day like today.

Maybe it's all of the 40's watch instantly Netflix movies I've been watching, but while dinner was on the stove, I snipped and snipped away at my old felt bucket hat till I got this. Well, this with a few hand stitches to attach the bow.

It took about 15 minutes and it's basically just a little shaped felt oval and bow. So easy and now I finally have something for the mandatory head accessory wedding of a lifetime.

Now I just need to track down some tiny grey elastic to keep it on my head while dancing (and maybe glitter it up, in honor of Ginny).


  1. ummm....AMAZING! This is lovely lovely. Let's have you were it and meet for something fun.

  2. I love your hat creation so much I had to share it:http://enderbynest.blogspot.com/2009/02/amys-hat.html

    Bravo, sister.

  3. It's perfect for an ultra reform synagogue!

  4. holy aretha, batman! That's amazing! I can't believe you had the vision/creativity to see a bow-hat within that hat and just snip away.

    would it be more possible to do a more detail DIY? How did you make the bow?

  5. Meg- we should wear fancy hats to go get drinks. let's do it!

    and yes, mr. smarty pants. I am aware it looks like a big old yarmulke. The whole time I was making it, I was thinking this looks like a big girlie yarmulke.

  6. Bee- I'll try the best I can!

    First- I cut an oval from the crown of the hat, so it was already shaped to fit a head.

    Second- I cut a long rectangle for the bow from the brim. To make the bow I just folded one half of the rectangle in and pinched in the center.

    Third- I stitched a little rectangle to hold it down the pinch and stitched the bow to the oval.

    Fourth- I cut a V out of the non folded side of the bow. TaDa, all done!

  7. Amy, honestly. You've done it again, of course, but I had practically the identical hat custom made for me by Ryan Wilde in green/brown hunting colors and paid a small fortune for it!

    hats off to you! (har har)

  8. any inspiration from aretha? :) yours is adoreable.

  9. Ooo I love ryan wilde. I stopped in Tria about 3 months ago and adored her big bow pillbox hat (and mentally cataloged the bow, too)!

    And I was really confused why everyone was saying Aretha. Guess I'm busted for not watching the inauguration!

  10. Lovely bow. Although really wish straw hat times would just effing get here already.

  11. OK Little Ms. Milliner...

    I challenge you to look up the inauguration. You owe it to yourself to watch the speech. Your abolishionist ancestors demand it.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson was part of the Underground Railroad.

    Watch it not just to witness history, but to wow at Aretha's hat. You both have chutzpah!

    Plus I'm proud of you for not having a TV.
    Hat's off to you and Obama!

  12. how utterly inspiring! hope you soon have an occasion to flaunt it...