Calender girls

Yesterday I got a package in the mail containing this beyond wonderful and sweet family portrait calender, hand painted by my mom.

I know I've have written at length about my hippie goddess mother, from her wildflower arranging to her quirky books, her love of capes and her amazing little paintings. But this one takes the cake. It is truly too cute for words.

Mom holding Muffy, me and Minnie, Papa, Micha and Chewpee, our happy little family.

I love that darn cat!

She added each and every family member's birthday, all of the anniversaries, holidays and moon cycles. She is so dear, now I'll never miss anyone's special day again.

We are even wearing our favorite outfits! My red wool swing dress, black tights and hair bow! The heart was a bit of artistic license on my mom's part, though. A big ol heart and knobbly knees are her signatures.

In it's new place of honor in the kitchen. It has immediately become my number one thing I'd save in a fire, after Jim and the cat, of course.


  1. You all have such DARLING knees! My innards are all warm and fuzzy from this here post.

    And PS - I loved our walk/talk on Sunday! More to come!

  2. oh my goodness that is one of the sweetest things ever!

  3. We (the royal internet, that is) love your mother.

  4. The knees are great, right? She's so brilliant.

  5. This is awesome. My mom was the exact opposite of your mom, it seems. Very little in the way of crafts, but she made up for it in the kitchen. Am now determined to become a hippie mom if I ever have kids.

  6. well every mom has her positives. Mine was a bit lax in the cleaning and cooking department, so I'm still working on those things myself!

  7. Power to us old hippies! Woo Hoo.

    The Bue Ridge Gal

  8. Calendar Girl...
    It looks great in your kitchen. The colors are perfect.

    I especially like the section of mom and amy cozy together.

    Every day of the year... you are loved.

  9. That is so adorable!

  10. AAW! your mummy is so tiny! Absolutely love this and think might make one each for my family for xmas. I know its a bit soon to be thinking about xmas but i'm slow a projects so maybe f i start now i'll get them finished for xmas. HEHE! Love it and i'm jealous your mummy makes you things x