Blast from the past

Girl meets boy. Boy moves to California the next day. Boy and Girl start a furious letter writing campaign that lasts for 7 months with nearly 200 letters exchanged between them. Boy moves back to Brooklyn. Boy finds one last postcard he forgot to send and gives it to her this week.

Thus is the story of Jim and I.

He bought the postcard, put on the stamp, wrote the message and forgot to mail it, all 9 months ago. It's even more romantic because it's so late.

A boy after my own heart, he couldn't bear to cover up the previous owner's message so he just concocted his own from it. A truly genius and adorable idea. A truly genius and adorable boy.


  1. That is adorable, inspiring, and so so beautiful.

  2. amazing. how beautiful! witty boys are hard to come by..

  3. I'm only recently rediscovering how sweet boys are, having finally learned the art of picking a good one. Romance lives!

  4. Sigh. The good ones are always taken.

  5. How magical! It's wonderful being a hopeless romantic; even better when you meet your match.