It's true, I got suspended for a day in the 6th grade. I poked Jake Kauffman with a pencil for saying something very rude about my mother. The pencil didn't even break the skin, but being a fiery Jo March type of 11 year old, I refused to apologize which sealed my fate. You should have heard what he said, though. Being a lady, I can't even repeat it.

Going through a pile of stashed shopping bags this week, I re-found these old silk suspenders I got months ago from an Upper East Side church basement with the queen of vintage herself, Miss Dana Gluck. Even better than finding a dollar in your pocket is finding forgotten vintage treats in the recycling.

I'd like to imagine they belonged to an uptown grandfather who wore them in the 40's to fancy business meetings around the board of directors table and his wife just now sneakily donated them for being too shabby.

From Suspension to Suspenders.... A Cautionary Tale of a Criminal Collector. a working title for my biography?


  1. And wouldn't you know I've been thinking for weeks now how lucky you were to have come across those? I spied them over your arm that day and thought to myself how desperately I need a good pair of braces (especially now that I've got these new J. Peterman pants and not a thing to hold them up with). Hats off to you, with a big kiss.

    PS - I owe you a couple of berets! Let's go out this week!

  2. These are a lucky find!!!!!
    I was just looking at scans this morning of the new Levi's lookbook - and this one made me think of you!

    (it's from this blog:

  3. I think I walked by that place a couple weeks ago after going to the Whitney. Is it tucked away down some stairs? I couldn't believe there would be a thrift store down there, it looked like an amazing secret little place.

  4. Lovely, I love imagining the stories behind all the vintage clothes I ferret away.

  5. Dana- Yes! Lets get together! I am dying to hear how the peterman pants look, too.

  6. Effie- um, that scan is amazing. Cute boys in cute hats, suspenders and old luggage? I'm honored you thought of me when seeing something so lovely!


    I think the church was a few blocks down from the whitney... 72nd maybe? Down some stairs and on the corner.

  7. Jake Kaufmann was such a prick!!! I remember that....haha

  8. Rachel- Thanks for validating me! He WAS a prick! Now if I could find him on facebook and give him a piece of my mind!

  9. I imagine that Jake is STILL a prick and that obnoxious quality has come back to haunt him in life. The worst punishment of all... a life with out the ability to love others.
    I almost pity him.

    But thanks for being the kind of person who would stick up for what is right and for your mother.

    I wonder if he still has a black mark in his arm to prove how offensive he was?

    Sooo... what did he say about her?!