The spoils of friendship.

I have the best people in my life. I really do. I'm not trying to brag or anything, but I really think they're the best and it's not just because they give good Christmas presents. Although they all DO give the best presents.

Oh my gosh. A Steiff fox puppet from Jim. It's tag says Der Schlaue Fuchs which translate to The Clever Fox. In case you didn't know, I love foxes. I love antique Steiffs. I love Jim.

Antique french initial tape from Mary-Kate (Jim's momma). This was from her collection and it was tucked in with a whole host of other treasures. What a kindred spirit.

My dad's high school varsity letter from track. or football. or both. He once beat the pants off the rival high school's track star, who later won at the Olympics. An athlete and a scholar!

Jay Gatsby would certainly approve of the amazing vintage Ralph Lauren sweater my big sis found for me. She knows I still have a crush on Mr. Lifshitz, sometimes you just don't grow out of middle school phases.

My mom knows how much I love pens; fountain pens, penmanship, ink wells, the whole nine yards. She found me tons of old-new nibs in an antique store and now I'll just have to practice while writing her letters.

My dear Ginny found this perfect Dartmouth pennant at a flea market in Atlanta, after we set a firm No PRESENTS rule. She is so naughty, wonderful and generous, but naughty.

Dartmouth is what WASPy people call the family school of the Emersons. All of the Emerson men went there and my mom even applied as a joke in 1970, 2 years before they accepted women. She got a politely worded letter in return that said basically "thanks but no thanks". Too bad my artistic ambitions precluded me from keeping the family tradition alive

All amazing and old presents, they know me so well!


  1. Good friends and presents are the best!

  2. Ralph Lauren's face kind of scares me...his eyes are sort of on the sides of his head which makes him look like a lizard! A cute lizard though...anyways, everything is so nice! You're lucky to have so many family and friends that understand your taste.

  3. Great gifts!
    My son is a massive vintage Steiff fan; the fox is excellent.

  4. Oh I love your little fox! My mom has a handful of antique Steiff that I covet madly...

  5. Oooh, I used to love this little Steif tiger family that my grandmother had. The perfect stuffed animals, in my opinion.