Ancestral Scrapbooking

At Elmwood, there is a darling Victorian scrapbook that was assembled by a little girl and I think it was my great grandmother, Helen Robinson.

It has a burgundy leather cover and sweetly scalloped fabric pages. The scrap is a bit worse for wear but I love it just as it is.

My great great grandmother Ella had four children; Harold, William, Helen and Elizabeth. Helen, the oldest, was my grandfather's mother.

That's great grandma Helen, on the right. I come from a long line of hair bow wearers and scrapbook makers.

I adore how tattered her cutouts have become. Missing head and all, the kitty reminds me of Alice's Cheshire Cat.

Is that a blue velvet tam? I want it.

Aren't these wonderful? It's things like this book that argue a pretty convincing case for being a pack rat. 100 years ago all little girls made these and sob, I'm sure most of them got thrown away!

(Thank god, I uploaded these photos before this week's computer meltdown.)


  1. Ahhhh... I love the scrap book photo's. What a window to a very differnt world.

    Your grandma would be pleased that you honored her simple creations. \

    I love the book with it's charming scalloped edges. (How do you think she cut them?!)

    I love that you have sense of perserving personal history. What will our families have, in a 100 years, that speaks of our time and interests?

    Your blog is such a time machine. I love it!!!!

    And i love you!

  2. Oh! That's amazing. I just finished Lilly Koppel's "The Red Leather Diary" and this is so reminiscent...

  3. I just looked up The Red Leather Diary and um... it sounds amazing. Thanks for the tip!