Tea for Two

After a brief spell of disappointment followed by a longer spell of the flu, Jim brought me some little corner store flowers to brighten my spirits.

They were so goofy, the stems were nearly two feet long and they grew dead straight, as if they were mass manufactured in a flower factory.

Hmm, now for a vase; a mason jar was too big, a jelly jar was too small but a teapot for two was just right. Not to mention that they were EXACT same color as each other and my kitchen! The boy knows me well, I guess.


  1. Very sweet, I love the teapot-flower-vase idea!

    I am tagging you to share "5 things you love everyday" - Fun!

  2. Ooohhh...I hope you feel better now.

    I discovered your blog about a week ago and had to go back and read all your past entries. I love it!

    Have a lovely holiday!

  3. Viking Poms. Many people mistake them for miniature sunflowers. They are very hardy, strong. I think your husband is clever. (tell him thank you for not bringing home red roses and baby's breath). :-)