Recession-proof collecting

I've been downright thrifty since I switched away from full time employment; no fancy coffee, farmers market flowers or, you know, basic health care..... But somehow, I cannot kick the china habit.

Recession..blah blah... 401K plummeting....stocks down.....massive layoffs... Amy says "Oooo look, I've got 3 new blue and white pieces of china!" Earth shattering, right?

This platter survived the original great depression so maybe it can teach me a thing or two about hard times.

This one in perhaps my favorite so far (and not just because a handsome boy SURPRISED me with it after a long day of work!). Don't ask me how I got so lucky, I don't know.

French, duh. This little maker's mark makes me want to redo my business card, so simple and elegant!

And when those closest to you, cough cough, ginny branch, start giving you magazine tears of china, you can bet your bottom dollar you have a collecting problem.

(and a very thoughtful friend who will shop with you till the bitter end!)


  1. First sentence up there sounds very familiar:)Pretty china.

  2. Oh swoon. I've officially caught this bug from you. I bought my first blue and white piece about a month ago (marked with a simple blue anchor - navy issue I presume). Together with some things I already had, I now have three mismatched blue plates in regular rotation. My matched green ones are sitting under my houseplants. :)