Inclement weather

My annual mad closet toss to find my beloved bean boots has taken place this snowy afternoon with mixed results. I found both, together, which is rare, but they are still covered in muddy mystery sludge from the last time I wore them. Yuck.

When I moved to the city before college, my cosmopolitan Uncle David said "Welcome to weather hell. You have to buy a good solid winter coat, snow boots and umbrella, don't waste you're time with shitty ones, you'll be glad you spent the money. Also, when it rains, stand far away from the curb or else you'll get splashed when a taxi comes along and everyone will know you're not from here."
Point well taken.

Well I bought the boots and they're still going strong. And I still have the "how to roll your shearling bean boot" instruction card, because you never know, I may want to do this one day and won't remember how.


  1. Awesome. Your unc sounds like a kick.

  2. hahahaha!!! i wished i had bean boots today...instead i wore my oh-so-practical, zero traction, smooth as a newborn's skin, 5-inch "patent leather" wedge, open-toe sandals from h&m. wise choice.

  3. whao ive never heard of these 'bean' boots :O i sure do want them though.

  4. shearling lined, you genius. I'm making due with my wool plaid variety over here!!

  5. and what kind of coat?
    i have a good solid pair of these. they have lasted for years. i love them. if i ever move to new york, i'll remember this advice.