Blue Plate Special

Okay, okay! No more posting about blue and white china after today, I promise. After a round of flea markets this weekend, my pile of collected china could no longer be ignored as it threatened to topple at any minute.

But before I could find a home for the pieces I'd already found, I needed to do a bit of rethinking my space.

Here's the wall across from my bed before the shift occurred. Cute, but so busy and cluttered and I never did get the spacing right on the gallery wall thing.

Trying to find a better arrangement, I moved my beloved empire dresser off to the right to let some more light in and brought in a fireplace mantle (acid green, yuck!) to center at the foot of my bed.

Once the mantle was painted to match the trim in my bedroom, I drilled holes and screwed in into place in the wall.

I bought 13 plate hangers from my local hardware store to hang my 13 plates above the mantle.

Attaching the hanger to the plate was so easy and the hanging hardware was included, too. I swear to you, I was a bit intimidated but it was a snap.

I worked out the general outline on paper first and just eyeballed placement, having to rehang some of the more wonky ones.

Some of the plates are from the 1890's, some are from the 1970's, some are chipped, some aren't. Some cost 99 cents and some were $25 and you'd be surprised which is which.

In the beginning I was a little fussy about only buying beautiful old, old, old plates but in the end it didn't matter, they all look wonderful together. Yay, hopefully I can refocus my energy and money away from china now!


  1. The plates look wonderful! I really like how they look with the blue/white combo of the wall and mantle too. That one at the top with the deer is SO darling :)

  2. The deer is one of my favorites, Ginny Branch bought it for me, too!!!

    I am truly have the most thoughtful friends!

  3. Looks great! I really enjoy this look and how it has evolved.

  4. It looks lovely!! I'm always seeing blue and white china in my thrifting journeys and it makes me think of you. I wish I could put a mantle somewhere, even if its not a real fireplace its such a nice focal point.

  5. it looks extraordinary! The proof is in the pudding that there's always room for improvement, even when from the outside perspective it seems as good as it gets!

    What flea markets you been trompin? I'm going to scout some new antique haunts in the greater New York area around Christmas time and make note of spring adventure ideas for us!

  6. I've just been going to the Hells Kitchen one on sundays. They have a lot of cheaper, unsorted china and housewares tables. My favorite!

    Oh pleeease lets go on spring adventures!

  7. i've always been a bit scared to hang plates, but this lovely layout will certainly give me some courage!

  8. have just discovered your site via missa's post about you. am excited to find a blog full of quirky good taste and inspiration. it must have been very rewarding to finally realise the goal of making a collection. am thinking jan is a good time to start putting things on the wall. looking forward to checking back in to see what you get upto next! ps swing by my blog sometime to see my collections nick nacks x

  9. I really and truly believe you live in a dream world!

  10. Beautiful - love the collection against the blue with the fresh white mantle. Lovely.

  11. Gorgeous, although I thought the acid green was an awesome contrast. But I like offbeat things. The plates are exquisite! Nicely done!

  12. not just any plate hanger, friend, a DELUXE PLATE HANGER *SET.*

    also, the mantle is pretty slick. and i'm nuts about your granny wallpaper in the bathroom.