Moore, moore, moore.

*This post is solely for the enjoyment of my dad, Tom, as he loves a Botanical Garden as much as I do and loves Henry Moore even more.

As I traipsed through the NYBG's Henry Moore exhibit today, it was such a relief to be focused on my freezing toes and the state of the tree's leaves rather than the normal city soul torture of thinking about dream jobs, health insurance and loathed dental appointments.

Ahhh, to breath freezing air and hold a cup of hot coffee. Maybe winter ain't so bad after all, makes a girl feel alive.

The exhibit's over in January and it's such a treat, even better seeing it now than it was over the summer. (Though it takes two hours to get here from home! Sheesh, I might as well as gone to Philly for the afternoon and seen the Gee's Bend exhibit.)

But to make the long lonely ride on the 6 train worth it, I saw a wild turkey as I was leaving. Boy, they run fast. Especially with Thanksgiving approaching.


  1. I love wild turkeys. We have a turkey hen who lives in the park I live on in Boston. Sadly she's not a big fan of mine since my dog chased her once.

  2. I love them, too. In New Hampshire I will always follow them hoping to find some feathers. 9 times out of 10 I actually get some!