Moon river, wider than a mile.

After much (much, much, much) scouting for an cheapo old lamp that I liked, I've finally succeeded.
Last weekend at my beloved Hell's Kitchen Salvation Army I chanced on this hippie 70's basket lamp for $3.99. It's not perfectly me but it reminds me of my new-age grandmother, and really, what's not to love about that.

I went to my Brooklyn staple shop, Moon River Chattel, to find a shade for my little lamp. I'm kind of a lampshade dunce and Moon River has just a few styles and sizes so I don't get too overwhelmed. Only ivory or white muslin, no trims or junky patterns and they're mostly all under $20. Lord knows I'd hate to buy a expensive shade for my cheapo lamp.

I really do love this store, even though it's mostly out of my league. The girls that work here are very sweet, too, even though they know I only ever buy Mrs. Meyer's dish soap and the occasional terracotta pot.

While I do like to torture myself by looking at their beautiful antique furniture, the real torture comes from peeking a glimpse at the store's backyard. Old ivy covered brick walls, a real true city gardeners dream. Fountains, mossy stone. It's amazing.

If it was strung up with old lanterns I don't think I'd ever want to leave. I already have a below freezing mummy sleeping bag and I'll happily camp out in exchange for tending the garden. Owners of Moon River, please please please let's set something up.


  1. Lovely lamp. And Moon River, my very favorite song, was our first dance at our wedding.

  2. i love moon river chattel - so dangerous going there because I never had any money :( great find in the lamp.

  3. I love the lamp! I went to the thrift stores nearby my house to get lamps last week and actually came home with a few. But yours is way cooler. : )

  4. What a sweet first dance for a wedding! You and Will are really too freaking cute.