Mad as a hatter

It is now officially cold in New York and I've sadly packed away my many straw hats for the season. Which leads me to the question.... If not straw hats to cover my dying to be brushed hair, then what?

I knit and wear berets like a mad woman, but I've been looking to expand my hat horizons, so to speak. Last week I found an amazing millinery store called Carlos Hats at 45 W. 38th st that sells classic, untrimmed wool felt hats for $25 each. Maybe a new Amy trademark is born?

I started off with an olive green wide brimmed number and am itching for navy and chocolate ones next. Seeinging them all stacked up was torture, I want a big stack of hats for my very own just like in my most beloved kids book.

A few months back my darling sister took style notes from this cute poster (now seen everywhere!) and inspired me to stock up on hats for fall.

I love that all of these are the same basic style, just shaped and trimmed differently.

(and please, check out this poster remake if you haven't seen it yet. Second from the right is the beautiful Dana, a real kindred spirit and a true, ahem, can i say taste maker without sounding stuck up?)

Now I'm dying for a vintage hat block because I can tell I'm going to be hopelessly trimming hats straight through this winter. A girls gotta do something to keep warm.


  1. Kindred darling indeed! Those hats look to die for. I recently spent much too much money on a similar navy blue wool brimmed hat at Assembly on the lower east side. I can't wait to contrast and compare our findings, either by chance on the subway or on purpose in one of our bedrooms. XOX

  2. hey, psst, i put you on one of those blogger chainy things. hope you ain't annoyed.

  3. oh i wish that i could find shops like this!