Cold hearted

Yesterday's long walk has reminded me that Keds are not appropriate winter shoes. Cue my annual winter shoe maintenance drop-off at my favorite cobbler for re-soling, new heel caps, polish, shine etc.... Now I need a resupply of thick tights to make these ladies bearable for actually wearing outside.

If new wool tights aren't capable of melting my frosty heart, I have a backup plan, too.

Last night, Jim caught Minnie actually being sweet to me! Like the Grinch, my heart just grew about three sizes.


  1. A sweetie-pie Minnie, Jim, and RL croc oxfords... someone's got it all. XOX

  2. Lovely shoe collection! I have always wanted a pair of the classic Ferraegamo flats but never pulled the trigger... someday....

  3. I love those shoes. They are wonderfully classic and there isn't an outfit I wouldn't wear them with. With tee shirts, mens pants, party dresses, flannel, I barely take them off.