Cape Fear

I've always suffered fear of wearing capes. Too big, too dramatic, too fashiony for little old me. Last weekend I saw my 56 year old elegant and graceful mom wearing one and I had a change of heart. "Sheesh... Mom looks so great in that cape, I really want it... Should I ask her to borrow it? No, she needs more great clothes..... I have a ton already. I'll just have to shamelessly copy her... God, I love taking style notes from the 50+ crowd."

Well, I wasted no time in knocking her off. I found this one at the great Hell's Kitchen Flea Market for $20, haggled down from $30 because of 2 missing buttons and a couple of split seams.

I love it's original buttons, but I'm torn because there are only 3 left. Should I replace them with black velvet ones so I can close it all the way? I think yes and then find a neat way to use the old ones on another project.

Finding clothes with split seams is a blessing in disguise, it's a very easy fix and you can get them for cheaper.

Made in Austria, very Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music".

On it's maiden voyage I wore it out to the Roebling Tea Room (I'm so happy they open at 9 in the morning) and loved it. I felt very coordinated with their cute as a button horsey wallpaper, too. Side note- I want to paper my office in something similar.

I now wholeheartedly support any clothing designed to make you feel like you're still curled up in bed with a big woolly blanket. Why aren't all winter clothes so freakin' cozy?


  1. Your new cape is gorgeous, I've been looking for one myself. This definitely seems to be the season of the cape :)

    I think black velvet buttons would look great. The old buttons are really nice too though, what about alternating them?

  2. And now we need a photo of your in the cape to show how fabulous it is!

  3. New Lenses that reflect caped beautyTuesday, November 04, 2008

    It is an amyzing thing
    to find this girl
    wrapped in black forest wing.

    The missing buttons made it,
    first haggled down in price;
    and symbol of three...
    perhaps separately we've thought of that twice.

  4. Love this post Amy, we all know where I stand on Capes!!! True Love!!


  5. i loveeeee capes, but i could never pull it off unless i just wore it around the house.
    that one is lovely.
    i love winter clothing.

  6. Petey, you look so handsome in capes!