Weed bouquet.

My lovely mom picked this bouquet of flowers growing in the alley behind my house. I hadn't even ventured back there after a year in the neighborhood. (shame on me!)

She's always aware of the natural world around her, even if it's growing in a crack in the sidewalk.

Go for a short walk with this woman and after 15 minutes her pockets will be stuffed full with bluebird feathers, turtle shells, heart shaped stones, baby acorns and an assortment of edible berries.

Sheesh, mom. Way to show me up on the hippie goddess front. Now I'm going to always be scrambling around the neighborhood, trying to be a good little wildflower gathering daughter for you.


  1. Except for the mom part, your mom sounds just like me.

  2. Maybe that's why I think your neat.

  3. So pretty! I've been combing my sidewalks for weeks and there don't seem to be anymore than dandilions.

  4. Hi Amy,

    I'm been reading your blog for quite a long time but now I've been reading through your archives - and I like your style!

    You have a great eye and you're very lucky in having Elmwood.

    I remember I made a little weed bouquet this past Spring, here it is:


    Happy 2011!