To grandfather's house we go..

My sweet sweet Grandpa Emerson was just moved into a hospice house and I am coming home from visiting him in Connecticut. Needless to say I'll be going up north a lot these days and will be keeping an eye out for all things homey and special to keep my spirits up (and yours, too).

When I came to my grandpa's house this week I was greeted by a happily jumping fire in the entryway. My grandmother designed the double sided fireplace so that it's the first thing you see in the house when you come home, what a nice welcome!

Also made extra special with amazing cat andirons with marble eyes (the other side of the fire hosts equally neat owl ones).

It's been a long time since I peaked my little scardey cat head down the cellar steps to the sluice way. As the house was once a mill, the "basement" floor is a little stream going the length of house, once upon a time powering the turbine, show here.

This is the little stream's source. My grandfather's property runs alongside this New England beaut for acres and acres.

I even borrowed my pa's hound dog for the country outing.

How excited I was to have the pup along side me was mirrored by how excited the pup was to find himself along side this local crayfish.

I love New England's skeleton of ancient abandoned mills and factories and I love even more when they are repurposed into something special, like this used bookstore, Books by the Falls.

I could have stayed in here for hours, it was everything a New England bookstore should be. Tall dusty stacks of classics with a sweet old man extolling the virtues of Emily Dickinson while tallying your purchases.

I snapped up a 1943 edition of "A Tree Grows in Brooklyn" for $4. Goes to show if you plop me down anywhere in the country, I'll still be dreaming of home.


  1. Sounds and looks like a great visit!

  2. Sorry to hear your Grandpa's going into hospice. Hope he's okay.

  3. its too funny that you picked up 'a tree grows in brooklyn'! i've been wanting to ask if you had ever read that book- i just bought an old copy of it (pages crumbling as i read) & im half way through it. love love love it. and it has reminded me of you! hope all else is well.

  4. i love that we're reading the same book at the same time! Birds of a feather.